Saturday, November 29, 2014

Go Duck's!

Our neighbors host a pretty great second Thanksgiving...AKA Duck's party. There was amazing food, divine wine and the Duck's kicked butt! Good times!
The guys got to watch the game, and the kids. Lucky for them the kids were all super well behaved.

My friend wants to sell these shades, I'm not buying them, but since I have never worn $500 sunglasses before...a selfie was called for LOL.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

So much to be thankful for.

 Thanksgiving was pretty low key this year. For the first time in like 3 years we didn't was a nice break. Last night Jason and I were about to go to bed...way before 2am, and just had to take a moment to be thankful for not being up all night cooking and cleaning to host LOL. It is always fun...but getting a year off is totally appreciated.

The kids each brought home some great crafts from school on Tuesday. They have a SIX day weekend, that started yesterday. Yay no getting up at 6:45am for a little while.

Aww Jericho...I am so very thankful for you. My last baby, you are a gift.

The triplets hand print turkeys were turned into this special craft.

Sister bond!! Your family is incredibly thankful for you too Haddie!

Thanks Lily Bug....Mom and Dad are very thankful for you too baby girl.

Thanks are my sunshine, I'm so thankful for you too.
The kiddos had a great time hanging out at Grandma's and seeing their Great Grandpa and Betty, Great Aunt and Uncles, 2nd Cousins and of course Uncle Chris and Auntie Stacie were major hits. 
Xander was excited to show his glasses, still the floor model...hopefully his real ones will be in soon, to his Great Grandpa.

My little game changer...oh yes, you are :)

Auntie Stacie and Xan in their glasses...too cute!

Great Aunt Julie, always has a captive audience in the kiddos.

2nd Cousin Boston and Jericho had fun building with legos together, Boston was trying to spell out Jericho's name.

We have so much to be thankful for. We have been gifted with 4 amazing and healthy kids. We have a wonderful village of family and friends in our lives. We have a home filled with love and laughter. Life is good. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

It is almost our turn.

I went with my friend to pick up her new 8 week old puppy today. I was hoping that the breeder would let me peek at the 4 week old litter that our future family member is coming from. I got to look in and snap a couple pictures...they are darling. There are 4 little girls in that whelping box, and one of them will be the best Christmas present ever. I cannot wait!!

Dina with her new man Lycan...he is so handsome! I adore this breed, the more I learn about Dutch Shepherds, the more I can't wait for ours to come home.

Mr. Logan helps socialize the pups, and helps them learn to love kids. He gets a goodbye picture with each one. I love this pic, so cute!

One month to go...come on, hurry up!

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sleep over party!

Today we celebrated Princess Natalia's 7th birthday! The girls and I hung out for dinner, dessert and gifts...there may have been a glass of wine in there too. Then I left so they could have another memorable sleep over with their BFF.

Happy Birthday cutie pie!!

Funny of the day...7 year old Nora was asked to answer the phone hanging on the wall when it started ringing. When Dina said answer that will you, Nora looked right at it and asked "what is it?" LMAO. Parents of the cell phone generation, probably a good idea to teach our kids about the old fashioned wall phone/home phone line...they are not exactly extinct.

The fave part of dinner...yummy!

Such a HAPPY birthday girl!!

Time to sing :)

Some funnies from the last couple of days.... 

 It is pretty well known that myy kids are very sweet, they love to give compliments. Thursday night Xander told me that he loves me, I'm beautiful and I look just like....BeyoncĂ©. 
In other news: we're going to have to recheck his new glasses prescription LOL. 

 On Friday my 6 year olds came home from school singing "whatcha gonna do with that big fat butt" ...oh help me. 

 Jericho in class on silly!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fun with friends.

I have been tossing around the idea of getting some chickens to produce our own eggs, I have been thinking about it for over a year LOL. I haven't pulled the trigger because I have been worried about how much work and mess they will be. I have a couple different friends that have small what we are thinking about, 4 hens. We are going forward with chicks this spring, so I set up a play date over at a friends to talk chickens. Bonus the kids and I had a blast hanging out with our long time friends and I finally got over my chicken worries.

Everyone burned off a lot of energy. Lillian and Lily had a lot of fun.

The boys were big fans of the power wheels.

Inside we had lots of dress-up and art work going on.

The kids all play so well together, it was very hard to tell that there were 7 kids...under 8, playing there.

My little stinker face. He is usually our handful...tonight he was marvelous!

A new hairdo for me...doing hair and drinking wine, can't go wrong.

We had a fantastic night...thanks Carrie, Brady and girls, let's do it again soon!

Monday, November 17, 2014

He makes these look good!

Xander went for his second opinion today on his vision tests. Jason took him, and his sisters HAD to go too. Jericho and I hung out at home waiting for the news. This Doctor also found that he is farsighted, it is not really bad...and glasses are not even 100% necessary, but they would help. I think the script is for pretty weak. The second Doctor also thinks he can likely outgrow the need for glasses in the next couple of years, but for now he will be sporting some glasses.
Jason sent me some crappy text photos as they were picking, they did not do my dashing young man any justice. He picked two pairs, but one are his super duper fact he loved them so much he didn't want to leave them there and wait for the frames and correct prescription lenses to come in the mail LOL. The Doctor told Jason if he loves them so much he can wear the floor model, without prescription lenses, home and we can bring them back when his come in the mail. I will have to share pics of his other pair when they get here, but these are what his fave pair look like.
The kid has good, and expensive, taste. He saw these and wouldn't let them go, he didn't even want to pick a second pair...he was all about these "red" ones LOL.

He is so cute...even in glasses :)

I guess the lady that was showing him frames tried to get him to go with blue, but he wasn't giving up the red. I think he did a great job picking.
They make him look a little hipster LOL.

He also had to have this case. I'm glad he is excited for his glasses, I just hope he doesn't get teased or anything.
Lily and I popped out front for a little 5 minute photo session in that hat I love. The sun was going down, and really gave her hair a coppery tone. I have the hardest time picking my here are a few.

My poor toothless kid...I hope those two grow in soon, they give her a bit of a meth head smile LOL.

Bug, you are just too adorable XOXOX.
I had to change some of the photos into black and whites...sometimes I just love the mellow peaceful quality black and white gives.

Lily put her Equestria girls to bed like this tonight, they look comfy don't the boots LOL. is Prematurity Awareness Day. I am still very aware of the triplets rough start in life, I don't think it will ever go away. 

We were so fortunate when I had labor start at just 25 weeks pregnant with the triplets, after 3 different meds and a steroid shot, my Doctors were able to get it stopped. Many are not as lucky. I still ended up with babies born at 31 weeks 2 days, but the extra 6 weeks made a huge difference. Our time in the NICU was a bit of a blur...but I am thankful that I have 3 healthy children today. I am also thankful for these great photos and video wonderful to have these memories. Check out my old blog posts for more new born trio pics and video, also have some here of them about a week old. Hard to believe they were ever so tiny.