Thursday, July 29, 2010

Worry wart AKA Momma.

Earlier today...The kiddos got to open a couple birthday gifts today, and I got a little baby fix :) Our friends Nick and Lisa brought by some presents for the kids AND their new daughter, little Miss Kenzie, today...she is so adorable! The trio kept talking about the baby for hours after they left LOL, I think they are going to be good big sisters and big brother. They love the toys, and Lily was cracking me up trying to sit in a little tiny beach chair. She was setting it on the floor right behind her and then trying to line it up as she sat down...the chair is the size of her hand, I don't know what she was thinking would happen but she never quite got to sit in the chair.

Xan loving his new castle.

Hayden driving the bus...this spurs them to sing the wheels on the bus song LOL.
Lily getting ready to sit in her little chair.
After a few misses she figures our who should sit in the chair.
You can see the bench in this pic, this is a Bday gift that their great grandpa got for them :) They LOVE it, I didn't plan for it to stay in my living room but they play on it so much I can't move it just yet.

Then later...Just before bed Hayden decided to freak me out. Well to be fair a worried over nothing Momma freaked out all on her own. Thank goodness for fellow mom's who have their wits about them....I usually do too but seems when it involves your own child you tend to freak first and be rational second. She was sitting on the couch next to me watching TV about 20 min before bed, I noticed she kept swallowing over and over again...and she made a little gulping noise every time she swallowed. I started to worry that maybe she swallowed something or had something stuck and was trying to work it down. She was acting totally normal, I gave her some water which she drank without a problem. I posted to my peeps, I was seriously wondering if she needed to go to the ER. It was suggested a couple times to just keep her up a little longer and watch her, that it might just be something new she just figured out she could do. After that it did click to me that that was probably it, she didn't do it when she was up playing only while she was sitting on the couch, and otherwise was still acting totally normal. I put Xan and Lily to bed and kept Hayden up for another half hour, she could not figure out why she wasn't in bed too. Poor thing kept asking to go to bed and signing for it. After drinking some more water without trouble I asked if she wanted to go to bed, she grabbed my hand and almost ran down the hall to their bedroom. I am sure she is fine, but man I hate when something out of the norm happens...I am such a worry wart.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I feel so special!

One of my favorite multiples blogs, Multiples and More, asked me to do a little interview and be the Featured Blogger of the week!

Click here to read our interview!

Thanks Lani, it's an honor :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

My new power tool!

Get your minds out of the gutter ;) I have been wanting a Dyson for a year now, I was so tired of sweeping, it doesn't do a great job plus hair flies everywhere and it takes forever. I just happened to check good old Craigs List and found an 09 Dyson DC18 slim that had been used maybe a half dozen times. The things looks brand new and they still have the box and's even still under warranty. Best part I got it for $190...when it goes for $400 + new! I can not wait to try it out tonight! After picking it up we decided the van needed a bath, we didn't know how the kids would react to going through a car wash but after a min of maybe being a little scared they did OK. Now Lily keeps saying "car bath" LOL. It is another beautiful day today, so we hit up a park and let the trio play for an hour before heading home for lunch and naps.
We HAD to start off at the swings of course.

The girls actually left the swings and went to play with their bro and some other kids on the play structure. Xander fell in love with this little boys ball, the little guy was nice enough to let Xan play with it for a while. We need to just leave a couple balls in the car, we always forget to bring some.

Xander climbing up a ladder, Jason was at the top ready to help him....this is one strong kid.
Lily Bug going up to the slide.
Hayden and her new little friend.

On the baby front, here is my 17 week pic!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Creative toy box.

I was tired of the 3 big bins of toys so we went to Ikea and made this our new toy box! It gets totally trashed a couple times a day but looks real nice at nap and bed time Hahaha.

We had an ultrasound yesterday. Baby is looking great, measuring a couple days ahead too! He/she was not too active, heart beat was 152, but that made it nice and easy for them to get all the measurements they needed to. The tech told us to look away when she was going to measure the lower parts of the was so hard not to peek LOL. I am now up 6 lbs, we get to go back in a month for another ultrasound.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The trio's 1st haircuts!

It was time for Xander's first cut, and even though I have said all along I would not be cutting the girls hair we went ahead and had theirs cut too. It went so much better than I thought it would, it was actually a lot of fun for all of us. We took them out to a place in Lake Oswego that is all about kids, their whole shop is full of toys and games, even their barber chairs were cars. The kids get to pick a movie and at each station their is a little TV and their movie plays while they get their hair cut. Our chill go with the flow boy was probably the worst, he started to cry a little and kept asking to get down, after trying his video, some toys, the stylist asked if he could have a sucker. This was his first taste of a sucker and it did the trick, though he was still not holding still perfectly. We didn't go super short with his hair, just cleaned it up and got it out of his eyes. Hayden, who we thought would be awful since she won't let us even put a pony in her hair, was actually very very good. We didn't take a whole lot off her hair, just had them make it more even. Miss Lily did the best, she was excited to get in the car, then sat there perfectly watching her video. We went really short with her, she got a cute little bob, it does make her hair look fuller and it should now grow in better than it was. The staff was really awesome, the kids got certificates and little bits of their hair to take home. It's a little bit of a drive from our house and $16 per cut but the place was really worth it...I have a feeling we will be going back :)

A little wrestling around this morning.
Then baths, gotta have clean hair for the stylist. Oh and can you tell they love brushing :)

We were really impressed with the salon. The trio loved playing with all the toys while they waited their turn.
Xan the Fireman!
Hayden and Lily gone wild in the jeep!
Hayden just got called for her turn LOL.

Xander and Hayden went first...he got to sit in the Cars car.

His 1st sucker...helped a lot.

He looks like such a big boy now. His haircut makes him look even more like his cousin Tyler, I need to dig up some pics of both boys so y'all can see just how wild the resemblance is.

Hayden with clips in her hair, we couldn't believe how she just sat there, she did so good!

Lily Bug was so would think she gets haircuts all the time.
Some after pics...look how short Lily's hair is...eekkkk!
Their certificates!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Such big helpers!

We spent some time out on the back patio today. The kiddos were playing with their soccer balls and Jason and I even joined in with a little beach ball volley ball. Jason had a huge pile of leaves and junk that thankfully Xander started trying to rake which spurred Jason into a mood to clean it up. Xander and the girls were great helpers, even after the bag was full and closed they were still finding junk and trying to throw it in the bag. Earlier today Xan had an EI appointment, he is being switched to a different therapist, she works a different area of speech delay. Our old therapist came with the new one today for her lat visit and actually had a little teary goodbye. We will miss her, though I am sure we will see her again.
Such a little man, he was trying so hard to get stuff on his rake and put it in the bag just like Daddy was :)

The trio begging for cheese while Jason is making dinner.

I hit 16 weeks yesterday, my appetite has come back a bit...I think I am now up 4 or 5 lbs. I am starting to get worried about not feeling any movement yet, so glad I have an appointment Friday so I can know if baby is doing well.