Monday, August 31, 2015

Wow...1st graders.

First day of first grade...someone hold me. 7 years old and ready to take on the world, I love that they are so kind, funny, independent and well adjusted. We have been proud of these three since the day they decided to bless us with their presence...we get more proud every day.

They will always be babies to me, no matter how big they get.

Xander Dominic, looking quite handsome this morning. He lost a tooth last night LOL.

Miss Hayden Cheyenne, she is such a grown up...she can't wait to take on this new class.

Lily Isabella, she is hoping for new friends and good food HAHAHA.

They couldn't wait any longer, so we started our 7 minute walk to the end of our driveway to wait for the bus.

Holding hands and being totally adorable.

Such a pretty walk...I fear it is going to change during winter time.

Too cute!

A great little bus stop building is at the bottom of our drive. Everyone wanted to try it out...even Kitsune.

Jericho is sure going to miss the bigs, 8 hours is a long time.

It is nice to have the bus stop so close to home, but Jason and I hate that it is around a blind corner and the trio have to cross the street. ​I personally know someone who watched his son get hit and killed crossing the street after getting off a school bus. There was nothing he could do. I don't want another parent going through that. Please be careful driving near buses, in school zones and at pick up/drop off times. You can be late, you can talk on the phone or change the radio station do not want to live with hitting a child.

Making a little progress with our new barn building...I don't think we are going to get as much done before winter hits as we were hoping to, but we shall see.

Jericho helped me a little around the house today...between games on his kindle.

Funny Jericho story of the day...
I was enjoying the quiet of the trio being off on their first day of school. I let Jericho play on his kindle, all of a sudden I hear "Hold on to your penis, it's going to be a bumpy ride." LMAO!

Home at last! Jericho and I were on our way down to the stop when all of a sudden Kitsune takes off in front of us and greets the trio. The bus was running a bit early, and just let them off. I asked if they were OK with that and Hayden said "No parents were at any of the bus stops Mom." Well then. I probably wouldn't let them get off alone if there weren't 3 of them, and the stop wasn't at the bottom of our driveway, but they seem happy about coming home by themselves. They were actually a little grumpy that I met them on the way home, they wanted to come in the front door and surprise me.

Our t-shirt tradition...they don't look like they fit them any better than they did last year LOL.

First day of school pizza and dessert dinner, yum!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Awesome Sauce.

It was stormy today...that means a lot of inside stuff was set to get done today. First up, and what I have been waiting the most to granite and a back splash in my kitchen, getting the hearth area for our wood stove done.

Jason and Xander did a lot of tile and rock cutting today. Like the safety glasses dude...looking good.

We picked this wood look a like tile...hope the look I was going for is achieved.

Once all the tile was down we got started on the wall. By "we" I mean I held my clipboard and directed my immensely talented worker bee husband which pieces I wanted where. WE make a great team! LOL.

While Jason was busy with the tile, Jericho was busy being awesome. I loved his shirt...had to take a couple pics.

It took longer than we thought it would to get the rocks in place.

Jason acted annoyed when we came up a foot short on the rock and had to stop for the day...I think he secretly loved it.

Almost done...the wood stove gets here in a couple weeks, we better hurry it up. And by "we" I'm sure you know who I mean LOL.

A Hayden funny for the win today. Anyone catch those Miley Cyrus commercials where she is doing raunchy stuff and well...being Miley? Hayden and I just caught one, Hayden looks at me and says "Is that necessary?" LMAO...and no, no it is not.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Farm to farm sales are awesome.

There is a saying in farming..."If you want to make a small fortune farming, start with a large fortune." LOL thankfully we are not looking to really make money with our small farm...more just use it to subsidize our family expenses. No matter what your plans are for your farm or homestead, set up is crazy expensive. We were fortunate to meet someone who was in the process of selling his property and needed to move a lot of stuff, this is the same guy that gave us the awesome deal on the pole barn. Jason has been hauling trailer load after trailer load for a couple months now...we have stuff everywhere. It all looks a bit of a mess now, but we have so many options and uses for all this...the possibilities are endless, and we got it all for a screaming deal which really helps with keeping expenses low.

Jason still has a good 3 trailer loads left to bring home...I hope the rains hold off so we can put some of this stuff to use.
The two little babies are getting bigger, about ready to get the boot out to the baby coop and run until they are big enough to move in with the grown ups.

I am starting to have my doubts about this one...we may be looking for a new, more masculine, name for Snow White I am afraid.