Wednesday, November 24, 2021

And the kitchen sink.

Hayden is so funny. She has a couple personal basketball goals. One is to beat her 8th grade friends high score record, and the other to get mentioned in the schools morning announcements for her game achievements. So far she hasn’t come close to beating the 8th graders high score, but she has been mentioned after every game. Some of the girls have been given funny nicknames in these announcements and by their coach/team. Hayden is now known as ‘HayHay Buckets Johnson’ LOL. 

Her first HHC tournament is this Saturday 11/27 at Coweeman middle school, they play at 5 pm and again at 6 pm nearby friends and family free to join us and cheer the girls on. Hayden doesn’t think her team has ever won this tourney, they play in it every year…so she is hoping to get the W this year. 
Hayden made this wood pen for me in shop. She got an A, she did a great job!
Added one more supplement to the girls daily snack. I hope you can’t over do the gut aid LOL, they are up to 3 now with this, Magnagard and Outlast. I hope this all helps Brandy with the tummy ache. She never showed any ulcer issues her two months at the ropers. I think Drill is faster paced and more stressful for her, if this doesn't help we are going to have to quit unfortunately.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Almost half way.

Oh semester 2. It's been fun. I took most of the summer off so once again I am playing a little catch up. There were 6 courses in semester 2, plus a 200 hour externship. I have passed three courses with A's. I need to do one last test in the other 3 courses to finish, but currently have A's in those as well. I interviewed with a vet clinic yesterday, and they have agreed to take me on for my 1st externship after the first of the year. So I have a month to finish up those last 3 proctors and get ready to go to work. Eeekkk. I still have 2 more semesters to do...slow and steady.

Hayden got her volleyball pics back...she can't wait for next year already,


Monday, November 22, 2021

Like a boss.

Hayden almost had her first triple double tonight. She scored 15 pts, had 13 rebounds and 9 blocks. Way to kick butt Cougars 47 to 34. 

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Party time.

Jericho’s football team party. He had great teammates and coaches. He hates that it’s already over until next year. At least he has basketball to keep him busy a little while.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Losers, and winners.

Poor boys came up against two strong teams today, lost both games. They played really well though, not bad for mostly newbies.

Date night! Our pool game is hella rusty...but we managed to pull out some wins.


Friday, November 19, 2021

Bye, Bye.

Shot day for the last of this years kittens. Everyone gets to leave for their new homes tomorrow! 
The girls are enjoying their daily snack…with the two gut supplements going to Brandy and Cinder. Miss Brandy often needs a babysitter, or the other two run her off and eat hers LOL.

Lily’s choir got to put on a small performance last night. Masks make it hard, but at least they get to sing. They sounded really good, I actually loved the coffee song LOL.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Keep it up!

I love watching Hayden play...been a fun season so far. First tournament is in a week and a half. Another win for the Cougars 7th grade team, 52 to 26....Hayden had 16 of those points. She only gets to play about half of the games, they have a large team...only 5 of their 13 players have experience. With so many newbies that need the practice, the furious five get a big lead and then they have to sit the bench. She tries to make her time count though. Some sweet spin moves and driving the hoop today!

Today is preemie hard to believe how tiny the triplets were at the beginning.


Tuesday, November 16, 2021


Eleven is so big now, 7 months, time flies. Baya is such a patient Auntie...Eleven is just as rough as her mother Kitsune in play. No wonder she has an owie by her eye. Baya puts up with her shenanigans better than her own mother does though LOL.