Sunday, May 22, 2022

Beautiful day for a wedding.

We had so much fun at Jason's cousin's wedding today. They picked today many many months ago and got super lucky with such a gorgeous day. The bride looked beautiful...the crowd was so fun, even got everyone line dancing. 

They make me look short...and I'm 5'8" tall! The trio are all about to pass me up. They are so big, can’t believe 14 is just around the corner.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Switch Hitter.

It was a beautiful day for baseball. The sun was shining, and the smell of BBQ burgers and sunscreen was in the air. I can stand some more of this. Jericho’s team won their last game of the season 12 to 2. They ended up taking 3rd overall for the season. I think he had a blast for his first season playing baseball. Jericho is right handed. All season he batted left for some reason, today he decided to bat right….and he hit just as good. He got stopped by another teams coach and told to keep it up. Guess he’s the only kid in our current league that is able to be a switch hitter.  Lily got a hit and made it home tonight.  

In not so great news...Sadly the MRI results were not at all as good as we hoped and the original Doctor thought. This is what we know from the first non contrast MRI. I’m betting they are probably going to want another MRI with contrast...also fearing she may need surgery. We have been referred to an orthopedic specialist for the next step. Hayden is so bummed that basketball and softball are over for her, not sure yet for how long…the rest of this season at minimum.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Doctors, kittens and baseball.

Hayden got in to see the Doctor today. He is thinking it is an LCL strain. There is heat and swelling, but not too much pain on range of motion. Doc thinks Meniscus and ACL are ok, thank goodness, but having an MRI done tomorrow just to be safe. No sports until MRI results are back. She hates being benched.

A little kitten spam...I snapped a few pics when the sun came out this afternoon.

Baseball games for the boys. Xander's team won...they have been on fire. He caught a big fly ball in left field, and Jericho got one in the right field almost at the same time. Xander hit a double today...and got a little time playing at 2nd base. Jericho managed to hit every time he was up to bat. Their season is almost over...always just when things are starting to click.


Sunday, May 15, 2022

Tournament weekend.

The Illusion girls won their first game!!! They worked hard. Hayden had a couple great at bats including a triple. She has been amazing at 1st, so glad she is finally getting the chance to learn a new position. She misses catching bombs in the outfield, but loves the action of infield work. She had her first  HARD tag out today. The girl tried to slide under the tag so Hayden had to go a little heavy and pretty much knocked them both to the ground LOL. Her coach says he is always getting compliments on how hard she plays from other teams coaches. She had another amazing play short stop. Hayden has never played short. Last second they changed Hayden from 1st to short between 3rd and 2nd. First play, Hayden narrowly caught a fly for an out and then threw to 3rd for a double out. Crowd went wild. So proud of this kids hustle. They ended up 1 loss 2 wins today and took 3rd place. 

Sadly her basketball team is still not seeing the wins quite yet. These girls fought hard. Hayden got hurt early in the first game today, and didn’t get to play in the second at all. Two good games, tough losses. Please, fingers crossed Hayden’s hurt knee is not serious. Ugh.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Games, games, and more games.

So busy running to and from practices and games for 4 kids on 5 different teams. Yesterday Xan, Lily and Jericho all had games, and this weekend is a tounament weekend for Hayden's softball and basketball teams. Xan and Jericho got wins yesterday, Lily's team came super close to their first win but didn't quite get there. 
 Today Hayden's softball team lost both games, but Hayden kicked butt at 1st base. We stopped for lunch before heading to two basketball games. They had the Padres and Braves game on while we ate. Braves 1st baseman missed an easy one….Hayden “butt down dude” LOL.


Thursday, May 12, 2022

Lil farm truck.

Jason wanted a farm vehicle. He wanted it to have a dump bed. He wanted it to be warm in cold weather. He found this, at an amazing price…in Japan. I told him he was getting scammed. May have laughed at him. I had to eat my words when he picked it up from customs. He plans to give it a little lift and some mud tires, then being 4WD it should be able to go all over our farm...and short trips around town as well. Strange driving on the other side of the vehicle but it is super cute!