Monday, January 24, 2022

Yummy and spooky.

Yummy dinner at our fave fondue joint...Urban Fondue, then Xander’s Christmas gift to an Escape room. It was fun, we didn't make it out though, hopefully next time we can do better. We had never tried one before and I had no idea how obscure and minimal clues and all that would be. Next time we hit one up we will be ready. 

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Can't win em all.

This was a crazy busy weekend. Hayden played 4 games with her 7th grade team, then played 4 games filling in on the 8th grade team. 

Saturday the 7th graders won a tough one by just a single point. We were not expecting the team we played to step up, we slaughtered them bad 3 weeks ago. This time they had 4 or 5 players that were not there 3 weeks ago. Our second game was tough, we got some shitty calls and two of our girls fouled out...including Hayden. We lossed by 3 points. 

The 8th grade team pulled out two wins on Saturday, Hayden managed to score a few times and be helpful on defense as well. She loves getting asked to help the older girls, I just always want her to be helpful and not a hinderance. So I am always glad when she scores and rebounds big for them. 

Sunday we expected tough games, and we were not wrong. The 7th grade team won both...even beating the WNBA coached team. Unfortunately it came down to a tie, we were 3 and 1 and the team that beat us by 3 points ended up 3 and 1 as well...even though we allowed less points against us and had a tie record they won first place. Our girls killed it this weekend, so they still feel pretty pumped. Some excellent ball for the 7th grade team. 

The 8th graders came away with second place this weekend as well, as they lost to a very tough team today. They ended up 3 and 1 as well. Hayden did her best to help out when needed. 8 games in two days, we are all beat. Hayden came away with a bloody toe and a slightly sprained ankle (thankfully not her usual ankle to be injured but the other one this time LOL). They get next weekend off to rest up for 3 tourney weekends in a row after that. Whew.

Hayden was start struck by the ex WNBA player, she got to fist bump and shake hands at the end of the game and was all excited LOL. We got them by 14 points in the end. So proud of how these girls played this weekend.  

In other awesome news....oh my gosh. I got an 80 on my medical math proctor, was NOT expecting that…math is just not my best subject. Passed the course with an A. Wow! Now just the Pharm proctor left to do before my 1st internship. 


Thursday, January 20, 2022

Getting exciting.

Hayden got her 7th grade Bball pics back. They all look so cute.

Another tournament weekend for Hayden coming up. The girls play at Wallace at 8am and again at 10am on Saturday, Sunday times are TBD. Hayden found out the coach of one of the teams they play is a former WNBA player. She is torn between wanting an autograph and wanting to crush their team LOL.


Sunday, January 16, 2022

Another victory!

They did it again, 4 and 0! Way to go girls. Their teammate Sky is on vacation so she took a pic on the phone LOL.


Saturday, January 15, 2022

More ball.

A little Bball practice. Xander, Hayden and Jericho joined a local church league. Hayden can never get enough basketball. Little funny….Jason needed something out of my car. I tossed him the keys and he said “really, in a church parking lot?” I said “trust in God, but lock your doors.” LMAO. 

Watching Grease in her Sandy get up, fake cigarette and all LOL.

Monday, January 10, 2022

Another game on the horizon.

Hayden’s team is playing in the Feeder Frenzy tournament this Sunday. 4 games, with very little break in between. It’s at Kelso High School if any local friends want to come watch. First game starts at 11am, last starts at 3pm. Let’s do this girls! 
Jericho was in rare form going to school this morning LOL. Too cool for school.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

They did it!

4 and 0 this weekend. Heading to state in March! Way to go girls! I don't think I have ever seen them so fired up and in tune with each other. The pressing, stealing, passing, rebounding and shooting this weekend was amazing. So fun to watch, not a single game was even close...they put a smack down. 

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Another weekend, another tournament.

Drove out to Portland for a State Qualifier tourney. The girls came ready to kill it.
Two wins today, and ended the day with donuts. Fingers crossed tomorrow goes as well. 

Friday, January 7, 2022

Fingers crossed.

Well medical math proctor is done. Hopefully I can squeak by...why do they never ask many questions on the parts I'm stong on. Ugh I was hoping to feel better about this. 
Jericho got a late Bday dinner and brownie at Grandmas tonight.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Study up.

Ok I’m forcing myself to take the medical math proctor on Friday. Last few days to cram. It’s starting to sink in, flow rates are cool, I’m even getting the hang of dimensional analysis…mixing and diluting solutions are still tripping me up somehow. 
Some coffee while I study, in my late Christmas gift from Lily. LOVE!

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Tourney 2 for this season.

The girls won 2 out of 3 today, bummer they weren’t warmed up in that first game. They haven't had practice in over two they took a game to wake up. Hayden had a couple of great games, she was on fire in the last two. I think we ended up taking 3rd place. We have 3 more tournaments this month, hopefully we get some W's.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Party time.

Low key party this year, Jericho's friends were all either sick or out of towm. So the fam hit up the arcade then ate pizza and watched the new Spiderman. Three hours at the arcade...we were all ready to eat and chill in the theater. 

Normally don’t love these, but the lime isn’t terrible...heard I need to try the black cherry flavor.