Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Rut row.

Well Doc is not totally liking Hayden’s knee today. So plan is to schedule her for a “ look see” surgery in 3 months (that’s how far out they are right now unfortunately). She will have 2 rechecks between now and then to gauge if it’s still needed. Doc said to try to return to low level activities just no fast direction changes or pivoting. If at either of the rechecks things look better we will cancel surgery. If we do end up in surgery they are going in to look at the meniscus and ACL. If they find damage they should be able to repair it and not need to reschedule another surgery. Hayden is not happy, she had big plans for sports this coming school year. Hopefully things work out so she can still participate though. Poor kid. 
Trim time for the girls.

When you don't get great news, a little lawn mowing helps. They think driving is so fun, they argue over who gets to do the work LOL.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Softball State.

The girls came in 3rd this weekend at State. Hayden is always hard on herself but she did great out there...and didn't take it as easy as I hoped of course. Thankfully she didn't hurt herself. As Hayden's second year of softball comes to a close I am so proud of how quickly she has picked up the game, seriously such a stud. Hayden has killed it at first base since getting the chance to try it, she has put up amazing stats. 

We had to be up at 5 am today...only Jericho came with to cheer his sister on LOL.
She enjoyed beating the heat with her team.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

It's showtime.

Everyone was so excited to watch The Jungle Book, it is amazing the work they do in just 1 week. From casting to performance just 1 week for 56 kids to learn their line, songs, choreography...pretty incredible. Thanks to Grandma, Great Grandpa, Great Uncle and Great Aunt for coming out and supporting these hard working kids. The play was wonderful, all the kids worked so hard and gave it their all. Lily really loved her Mother Wolf role, and loved her beautiful white faux fur costume. 

Out to dinner with this little star, Great Aunt Julie brought her a lovely gift box.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Never ending farm chores.

Out getting some work done on the fences. Cinder is looking fat and lazy. 

Hitting up the baseball field this evening.

Hayden is going to try and participate, at a limited level, at State this weekend. A month + off and she is hella rusty. Did a little working out today. Fingers crossed. Eleven was good for bringing back missed balls.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Working hard.

Call the baby goats for food and the horses get all excited thinking that they are getting some too LOL. Loving this weather change! Sunny, dry, glorious summer!

The babies are getting big, still a few doelings and adult does available.

One tiny cavity to fix. I took for granted my Iowa born teeth, they are so much stronger than my PNW born kids teeth. Every time I see a Dentist or Hygienist here in the PNW they go nuts over my teeth LOL.
The Jungle Book cast is hard at work...hard to believe they go from casting to performing in just one week. Pretty incredible.

This kid is really excited, found out she got cast in the part of Little Sally for the up coming production of Urinetown! One play just wasn't enough this summer. It was the part she really hoped to get, I think she is perfect for the role. They will be doing rehearsals 4 evenings a week, and some weekend workshops, ending in three performances August 12, 13 and 14. I can not wait to see it!