Saturday, August 31, 2019

Day 2.

Hayden's game show day 2...she did so great with Dani's help. She was able to do more and more without Dani actually holding Scooter. Sadly a horse broke its leg during an event and had to be shot, thank goodness Hayden was not with me watching when it happened. Sure makes you thankful when you and your horse make it through in one piece.

There are 4 different events per day. With some down time between each.

Dani and her horse Harley.

Hayden and Scooter did great today!

He sure is a good old boy, Hayden will need a step up in a year or so. It is going to be so hard for her to build this trust and bond with another horse. She loves him so much.

Our friends bought Hayden a very fun necklace for Scooter to wear.

The NOT so fun parts of horse ownership...scraping bot fly eggs off your pony.

Snack break.

They kept getting faster and faster.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Game show day 1.

Scooter hitch hiking to a game show for Hayden. Hanging at the end of the driveway with a horse, saddle and camping chair...gets a lot of strange looks LOL.

Day 1 from the 3 day game show. Hayden had the time of her life! Scooter did amazing, they grew just over the 3 days. Our friend Dani and her mom camped with us. Dani made Hayden's weekend, I love all the support and confidence she gives Hayden. I didn't bring Tucker this weekend, so I just got to mom, have fun...and enjoy some adult beverages with good friends. Good times! 

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Pasture time.

Thunderstorms all night last one seemed bothered today thankfully.
I am not ready to say goodbye to summer. It was a pretty day to hang out with the girls in the pasture.

Lily funny...Our kids are turning into tweens on us. They are new fans of "burning" each other. So 80's I know. Lily's fave "You just got burned like a pig at a backyard BBQ" Oh and "This transaction is over cuz you just got owned". I have to laugh.