Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy Birthday little man.

I can not believe my baby is 8. He has been in a hurry since birth. He is a handful, full to the brim of a wild zest for fun and mischief...he is also the sweetest most joyful kid. I love being his momma...even if that means calls from the principle and bus driver on the regular LOL. Happy Birthday Jericho...we love you so much, you are a wonderful boy!

His party is this we hit Red Robin for a small celebration LOL.


Games and puppies...trying to stay awake until midnight.

A little Clue.


Sunday, December 30, 2018

Auntie Baya is in love.

Jericho’s party is Saturday. Hopefully I will have these dang things done by then. Ugh.
I hope you are not tired of puppy photos. If you are....Sorry...puppy photo bomb! Note the very excited, if not impatient, Auntie Baya, she can not get enough of the puppies.
Can they come out and play now?!

That face!!
Kitsune is amazingly patient with Baya...almost like a mom would be. Baya adores Kitsune as well. I never dreamed they would take to each other so well.

Meeting big puppies, and checking out a busy new room is a lot of hard work.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Getting big!

We do early socializing and sense protocols with our pups. Both ESI and ENS. Today was the last day of official ESI for our 'C' litter...though they will get lots of stuff to smell all the time. Saved the best for last, S’mores, our kitty, was happy to meet the pups and get sniffed.

Today was also their first worming...the stuff must taste horrible, but it has always worked wonders.

Cindy Lou is the biggest so far, Coco is not far behind. Their brothers are closing in though.

S'mores was a good sport...and the pups were super interested in him.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Still no snow...not complaining.

I hope this doesn't jinx us...but I can't believe the white stuff still hasn't started falling!
The munchkins got to spend about 30 minutes out side was sunny but still chilly, so just a short visit.
Momma there to let them know all is well.
Getting more adorable every day...their little peepers are so cute.

S'mores walked around while we were out.
Everyone had a little fun with today's scent for the pups to check out.

Oh Chloe, so cute!