Friday, April 30, 2010

It's always so much waiting.

If it's not one 2WW it's a another. I had my third blood draw today, my beta's are

14DPIUI 364
16DPIUI 622 with a prog. of 77.
18DPIUI 1018

Now I have to wait for my first ultrasound so we can find out if I just have high numbers for one baby, or if maybe two are in there.

It's no doubt the kids will keep me busy so perhaps the next 10 days will not drag too much.

Xander was in fine form today, he has found the kitchen is a lot more fun if you are standing on the counter.

They do let me have a little down time. Man I look like crap, I thought pregnant women were supposed to be glowing and beautiful...I'm not even puking yet and I look like this.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Time to let the cat out of the bag...BFP!!!

I am PREGNANT!!! Seems as though our first IUI on injectables did the trick! I actually got a really early positive test 5 days ago at 9DPIUI, I wanted to wait to say anything until I had blood work to back it up. I did pee on a stick every morning waiting for my beta, just to make myself feel better LOL. Today was 14DPIUI and my beta came back at 364! It is lower than with the triplets pregnancy, my level was 667 at 14DPIUI with them, but still high enough to maybe mean 2 babies. I have another beta Wednesday, but will not know for sure how many babies we are having until my first ultrasound, which should be in 2 weeks. I am beat...and need to have a talk with the kiddos about not elbowing, head butting or slamming toys into Momma's sore boobies :)

Hi, my name is Katrina and I am a POASholic, you can see how the line got darker.
The digi's need a higher amount of pregnancy hormone to come up positive, so I already had a beta of at least 50 at 9DPIUI.

1st belly pic...4 weeks pregnant, still got some bloat going on thanks to the injectables.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A little toss the ball time.

Both my brother Scott and my nephew Tyler have birthdays this week, so we did a joint get together today. Started out a little rough, it's hard to take the trio to other peoples houses, our house is totally baby proofed so we are not used to having to follow them around and keep them out of stuff...makes me get a little stressed. They did pretty good, nothing got broken :) When we moved it outside to throw the football around in the culdesac everyone had an awesome time. The kids were just running all over playing with the footballs and basketball, getting in the way a little but they managed to not be run down by the "big kids" AKA my brothers and my husband and the nephews LOL. Hayden has a new best friend, Auntie Amber was just the bees knees all afternoon :) The kiddos got home, had some milk and passed out. I am beat...time to hit the hay.
So Happy Together!!!
Lily Bug was loving her first Dorito Yummmm
Doing some stretches before the big game :)

Xander asked Uncle Rick if he could take the car for a spin...he got shut down though hehehe.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Some fun with the trio.

I have been feeling pretty tired the last few days, so I have been slacking on the blog. Here are some new pictures, the kiddos were very entertaining today.
My sweet boy is all about being green...just read his shirt :)

Lily Bug is still not letting us cut up her food very often, her french toast this morning LOL

Having fun in the kitchen LOL.

Miss Hayden can do the crime but she can't do the time. She has become super sensitive to being scolded. If we sternly look at her and tell her 'No, we do not bite/push/pull get the idea LOL... our brother/sister' she will start crying, worse than who she just hurt, and Hayden takes longer to calm back down LOL.
Lily has become a little parrot, we really need to watch what we say now because she is in the repeat everything she hears phase.
We had no idea baths would end up being such a huge hit, we now have kids that ask, and sign, for a bath every day. They still have a cow when it's time to get out but we can deal with that.
Jason has been using my car to go to work since his stopped running sometime before DECEMBER. He had a friend come look at it today, about fricking time, and it was fixed in 45 min for $15.00. If I wasn't so glad to have my car back I might have killed him. Now lets just hope it stays running.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rubber ducky you're the one.

Xander, Hayden and Lily are really loving bath time...maybe a little too much. Now they all scream and cry when we get them out, hahaha we can't win.

Miss Lily Bug has become a tad difficult the last few days at meal time. Seems she is too big for us to be cutting or breaking her food into bite sized bits. She will actually bitch and throw her food on the floor if we placed cut up food on her tray. They really aren't babies anymore...sniff.
Three little mohawks...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I can see this is not going to be fun forever.

When the kiddos were babies Jason and I would say to each other how we couldn't wait for them to talk. Then when they started talking we would say how we can't wait for them communicate more, you know ask for things, use words to express needs and wants. Well that time seems to be here, the last few nights the kids have come to us asking for a drink of milk before bed, they will also point in to the kitchen asking for cereal, or C.C. as they call it, and yogurt, A.K.A ya-yaaa. It's cute for now but I can see how we are going to regret, just a little, wanting them to be able to ask for things LOL.

The kiddos were very happy to see Grandma again today, they sure love spending time with her. Everyone wanted to be held...they are a lot bigger now than the last time she hung on to all three at once :)

The 2ww sucks...I hate the waiting, I hate the up and down ride of it worked, it didn't work. When will someone come up with a test for the day after LOL.
Look at Lily Bug, so happy to be with Grandma :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Owie, now I feel even worse for kids with ear infections

I woke up this morning in so much pain, I had no idea what was wrong at first. Then I realized it must be my first ever, that I can remember, ear infection. I was in tears, Jason was at work and I was freaking out. I had no idea how much these hurt, now I feel even more for poor Xander who has had 2 ear infections in his life. Thank goodness Grandma was nice enough to go pick up my meds, after an hour long wait at the pharmacy...don't ask, it was a cluster. Then she hung out for a bit to give me a hand until the meds kicked in, it is crazy how fast Amoxi gets to work. Not to mention her grand babies missed her and would have rioted if she tried to leave right away. The girls are saying Grandma's not totally perfect but you can tell what they mean. They all had little melt downs when she left, I had to bribe them with food to calm them down. For the rest of the night Lily was saying her version of Grandma and looking out the window for her. We took their minds off missing Grandma by breaking out giant paper pads and crayons for the first time. Surprisingly Xander was the most into it, he actually spent a lot of time drawing...well scribbling. Lily and Hayden wanted to play with the crayon boxes and hoard all of the crayons. I hope they get more into it now that we plan to bring it out more often. We finished off the evening with a bath, I think our shower days are over. Not only did Lily not scream at the top of her lungs the whole time, like she does in the shower, but the 3 of them actually spent almost an hour playing and having a great time....they loved it.

Xander starting to go down the slide the right way a little more now. He is also trying to climb the little rock wall sides...this boy is going to give me a heart attack one day.

Lily Bug in her cute 'Love Bug' shirt that Grandma got her.
Crayon fun!!!