Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gym class fun!

Tonight was class night at the gym, we had a great time yet again. The kiddos are getting so brave on playing on all the equipment...and they are not cling to mom and dad kids either, they are off exploring on their own and with other kids the whole time. We are so proud of them. Xander has a new girlfriend, one of the employees was doing some cleaning towards the end of class, Xander left all of us to follow her around and help her wipe down windows and equipment LOL.
Lily Bug, happy to go to the gym :)
Xan trying out the beam.
Pile in guys!

They haven't quite figured out somersaults yet.

Monday, September 27, 2010

I swore I wouldn't do it.

Jason and I just could not stand the mess or the fights for pony tails and hair clips anymore. Hayden now has bangs. We had to take Xander in for a trim, since their first cut Xander's hair grew like fricking crazy, so we decided to get Hayden's bangs done too. Our follicly challenged Lily Bug didn't need a trim LOL, but she went along to play.
Hayden did not cooperate at all this time, actually ended up having to sit in Dad's lap and be held still just to cut the bangs. It's going to take some getting used to, but she looks cute.

Before pics...

Lily can see from the TV that Chipmunk fever continues, daily, around here.

Always so much fun at Little Clippers.

Xander all done, he did really great this time!

We tried Hayden in a car first but it was a no go and even trying her first sucker didn't help.

Dad had to help...poor baby.

All she is enjoying her sucker. We ended up letting Xan and Lily have one too.

The girls and their BLUE suckers.

Since we have been going through all the kids old clothes for Grandma's yard sale we have run into some of their preemie stuff. It's so bittersweet, I am beyond happy at how well they are doing, how huge they are, but on the other hand my tiny little 3 lb babies are gone and nothing points that out like lining up a preemie sleeper next to their current 3T sleepers.

My 26 week pic...dang I look huge this week.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sniff sniff, they can't be old enough for carnival rides...can they?

We all hit up the Oktoberfest fun at Oaks Park, Grandma and PopPop Randy came too. These kids are growing up way too fast! Not only did we leave the Choo Choo in the car thus walking through the amusement park for 2 hours just holding hands, but they rode their first little kiddie roller coasters SOLO...and loved every minute of it. I would have cried if they weren't having so much fun with huge smiles on their faces. We also stopped in for some of the music, the kiddos went wild on the dance floor...Hayden is our dancing queen. They wore themselves out good LOL!

Their first "roller coaster" they look like future adrenaline junkies :)
Hayden says 'this baby corners like it's on rails' LOL.
A little fun with the mirrors.

Their second ride. Xander got his own plane.
Go girls!

Dancing fun!
Hayden was a wild girl.
She even threw in some brakedancing hahaha.
Xander was not too crazy about the loud music but got out there a little.

Last ride...they all got a horsey ride.
I hit 26 weeks pregnant today. 6 1/2 months yikes, it is really going fast. No belly pic yet...if I don't get one tonight I will try tomorrow.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Alpaca fun!

This weekend most of the Alpaca farms were putting on an open house for the National Alpaca weekend. It sounded like a little fun for a Saturday afternoon so we stopped by for an hour or so. The trio had so much fun...those Alpaca's are kinda cute, especially the babies. The kids had no fear of the Alpaca's at all, even loved feeding them. Though Xander did get tired of giving all the apple bits away. When he started trying to repo them Jason gave them each their own apple. Then he was happy to share again, a little too in one bite for me one bite for the Alpaca, out of the same apple...yuck LOL. The farm also had some chickens, which the trio fell in love with. The rooster and Hayden had a little game going, he would crow then she would crow back to him...with such enthusiasm, she had everyone laughing. We enjoyed a little snack and some tunes before heading home...the trio promptly passed out in the car on the way home hehehe.