Thursday, April 30, 2020

Homework laughs.

Homework wins of late. Lily making it rain on Broadway LOL.

We gave Stranger Things another try, the kids are much more into it this year. Jericho even including characters into his homework.  Translation..."I don't want to move I'll miss Suzi" said Dustin. "Dustin Suzi dumped you" said mom. "Your right we should move" said Dustin. LMAO!

Looks like rain is coming back...ugh. Enjoying the sun while we can. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

A test drive.

Almost a month old now, they are still getting plucked a little. I'm hoping once they leave the nest box that will stop...fingers crossed.

Scooter got to meet a new friend today. His new family has two younger kids, 7 and 9...I'm hoping they will keep Scooter happy and spoiled for his next few years.

Hayden gave Sky another workout. They are focusing on ground work right now.

All moved in to the new trailer.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

New wheels!

Ready for summer fun on the trail...hope to put this to use at least a few times.

Moved the littles to the big kid pen. Released the older twin sets out with the herd. The babies love getting to romp and play with each other. 

Monday, April 27, 2020

Baya loves the babies!

Sun break...Baya has been dying to meet some baby goats. Lycan is meh...he would rather chase them I think.

Jericho is Baya's bestest pal.

Another work out session. They are starting to figure each other out a bit. Sky can be a bubble invader, but she is a pretty sweet horse.

Tucker got to try out the round pen too.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

First ride.

Skeet watched the horsey fun today.

First work out. Some butting of heads. Sky got a sweat on in the end though LOL.

The round pen worked great. We will eventually be doing fabric barrier, gravel, and sand...just haven’t started that project yet.

Hayden and I are not too used to mares, I love me a gelding. Hopefully Sky isn't too mare-ish.

A good start.

Jericho wants to learn more.

Hayden took her first ride on Sky...they did pretty good.

Came out again later for some goat snuggles.

Rain expected for the next 7 + days. Today was a nice treat. The big 6 got released out with the herd. The next set got disbudded. The newbies got to spend some time in the baby pen. 

The itty bitty hit 3.9 lbs today...way to go Tart.