Monday, August 31, 2009

Girls recheck at the Cardiologists.

When Hayden and Lily went to their new baby checkup after being released from the NICU the Pedi heard a murmur on both girls. We took them to a Cardiologist who did not hear a murmur but saw something minor on the ultrasound that he wanted to recheck in a year. He told us not to worry but to bring them back so an eye could be kept on it. Today was the recheck, this time he did hear what he called a benign murmur on both girls but said the ultrasounds of their hearts looked perfect!!! Xander came along and was so good, he chilled quietly in the stroller for almost 2 hours! Since he was such a rockstar today this pic of him that Jason snapped tonight is totally appropriate LOL

Since I have been keeping up so well with this blog I have gotten really behind on the trio's baby books. I am now back filling all the info from 8-12mo....then I need to add pics. At least I have everything down here so I am not trying to remember it all.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quick trip to Bend...last puppy has gone home!

We had a fun trip to Bend today, the trio did really well during the 3 hour...each way, car ride. We took little Miss Annie to her new home, we are so happy that one of the pups remained in the family! Jason's sister Stacie took her on and I think once potty training and teething is over Annie is going to make one awesome dog for her. Here are some pics of Annie and the babies saying goodbye....until Christmas!

Hanging with Auntie :)

We all then went out to Izzy's for a quick dinner and the kiddos had a great time feeding themselves. They powered down handful after handful of kidney beans, beets, green beans, baby corn....all things that I am sure later they will swear they hate and will never eat LOL We noticed today that Hayden has 4 molars that just poked through, Lily has two, and Xan wouldn't let me look. Hayden has joined her sister in clapping, and she is still snapping her fingers when music plays....I have to get video of this it is sooo cute!

On the 3 hour drive back the trio again did very well and slept half the way. While they were passed out Jason was pointing out all the fun outdoorsy stuff between Portland and Bend that we will be doing with the babies once they are older. Such as camping out in actual teepee's on the local Indian reservation, going to Frog Lake...where the banks are literally crawling with frogs, sledding and skiing down the mountain. It occurred to me again how lucky these guys are to have such a fun and outgoing, and totally involved, daddy. They will get to do so much more than I ever did as a child...and I can't wait to do it all with them :)

With three uninterrupted hours to chat with your spouse you tend to hear a lot of old stories, some you have heard before and some that are new gems. Today after chatting about some of my hubby's fun camping and skiing trips as a child he told me about yet another near death experience he got himself into as a teen. I have come to the realization he has been very wrong to call himself "unlucky" for all the crap he has been in or near. He is in fact very have lived through all of it. Today's story was about a trip he took with some friends on the very highway we were driving on. He was driving like a bat outta hell, going about 90mph, when they hit a tiny patch of ice. The car then spun around so they were still going in the correct direction but they were backwards. He tried to brake but as they were on stoppey. Then they hit another tiny patch of ice and believe it or not the car spun again and got it's self facing forward again and it was still going about 40mph. The tires grabbed pavement and he gassed it and on they went. Why you may ask, was he driving like an idiot? They had bought a WWF event on pay per view and were trying to get home in time. Where is my *eyeroll* smilie face?!?! Not that I never got into any accidents or near misses, but I sure as shit never almost killed myself over the WWF LMAO I can smell what the "Rock's got cooking" and it's not good!

Friday, August 28, 2009

We have 3 walkers!!!*

Xander is really good with his walking now, I don't think I have seen him crawl much at all in the last 2 days. The girls are catching up, Hayden is doing really well...though she looks like a duck waddling LOL Lily Bug is just taking a few steps here and there, but I am happy to see she is not a month behind Xan and Hayden on this milestone like she has been on most others. Here is some video I took today of their walking babies are growing up so fast.


Hayden Bo Bayden

The Bug

Here is Hayden playing with her ball...and she knows what you mean when you ask her where her ball is!

I see a huge adjustment in their attitudes now that they are walking. Xander and Hayden especially, they were acting so cranky and that they are walking they seem to be back to their happy selves. We took this before Hayden started walking...she was like pacing in the play area.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Anyone know how to pick a lock?

Bad parent of the day award goes to us. When we bought this house we never changed the door knobs or even really looked at them. So this morning when we went to get the babies up imagine our surprise to find Hayden had locked us out. Fitting 3 cribs into a small room called for some creative jamming of the third crib where ever. Hayden's crib is in front of the closet, next to her is a bookshelf...when she started to stand she was able to reach the books and rip them up. So we pushed her crib closer to the door, with just enough room for the door to open and close freely. She would play with the light switch and try to turn the knob, but we didn't give it much thought. Somehow she turned the little lock and we had no key...honestly I am not sure I had ever looked at the knob close enough to see it had a lock. Our lock picking skills being what they are Jason had to take a hammer and knock the whole handle off the door. It took about 4 slams so by the time we got in the babies were crying and not sure what all the loud noise was about and ticked that their parents had not responded faster to their calls for breakfast. They now have a new door handle with the lock on the outside!

A pic of the trio playing...Xan wanted to go for a ride :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009


So yesterday was kind of blah. We had to take Lily in to the Pedi, she has been wheezing again...and no Jason didn't burn anything this time :) She is now on an inhaled maint. steroid, and we will have to really watch her this cold and flu season since she seems to have some slight lung issues. We have decided to have me and Jason get our flu shots...and anyone that wants to see them this winter will have to also. LilyBug weighed in at a whopping 24 1/2 lbs...this means Xan and Hayden are over 25lbs....she is always about a pound behind. We then went to BRU and bought some more sippy's. I think we will be taking another bottle away and replacing it with a sippy of water, milk, or a little juice. That will leave just their bedtime and before nap bottles! After that we went to a restaurant with the inlaws for dinner. The babies did very well, we actually had people in the table next to us tell us they were using the trio as an example to their 4 year on how to behave :) Then the Blah began...they all have molars that will soon be coming through, Lily actually has had one half way in for a week or so. Last night another one must have been on the move she was miserable, crying, screaming and just inconsolable. We got her some Hyland's teething tabs and some baby orajel. Then she was pain free but got super hyper...not sure if it was the teething stuff or the inhaled steroid but she was nuts. Took us about 3 hours to get her down...I hope tonight is not a repeat performance.

Today we had another pup go to her new home, Fergie (now Juno) spent some time saying goodbye to the trio. This leaves just Annie, Jason's sister may be taking her!

I took the babies to a triplet picnic this afternoon, alone as Jason had to work, spent about an hour and a half chasing them all over and had had enough. No pics as I didn't have a moments peace to snap a single photo...they are really getting too mobile to take them anywhere alone. The picnic was nice though, got to visit with lots of other triplet moms and see lots of cute kiddos! We were given some really cute little triks for the babies when they are a tad older and some great clothes.

On a sad note...please say a prayer or send good thoughts to a fellow triplet momma tonight. Her babies were born 8 weeks ago at 25 1/2 weeks and she lost one of her sweet little girls to NEC today. Little Miss Annaleigh will be forever loved and missed.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Concert in the park

We took the babies to a free concert in a near by park this evening. We had a great time, the band was good and the trio were really into it...especially Hayden. She is a big lover of music, as soon as she hears it she starts rocking back and forth and beebopping. Tonight, for the first time, we noticed she was trying to snap her fingers with the music. They were crawling and rolling all over the blankets, Xan was trying to walk everywhere. A few pics...

Blueberry snacks with dad

Hayden dancing...

Then she got silly :)

It started getting cool, all we had were boy sweaters LOL

Xan going for a walk.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A 1st I NEVER wanted to have...*

Going in to their room after nap time today went like this....Oh dear Lord what is that smell, Oh dear Lord what is that on your blanket, Oh dear Lord what is all over your face, Oh dear Lord Xander, what have you been eating!!!!! Yes folks that is right Xander had gotten his diaper off and had a grand and messy time with the contents. I should have known better than to put him down in just a diaper but he hadn't tried to take his off in forever, and they were so tired from playing in the sand box I let it slide. And I got to clean it all up while Jason took the poop monster to the showers. I hear this from the shower, "Xander you have dingleberries in your hair" LMAO He looked very pleased with himself when he got out, and very clean. I told Hayden and Lily to yell for me the next time their brother decides to have a poop party, I am just glad they didn't try to join in.

Below are a couple pics...I just had to document this for leverage later :)

Jason grabbed the video cam and got this...Xan was so happy and totally didn't get why we were grossed out LOL

No Lily, don't eat that...

This is what I said over and over for about 2 hours today. We took the trio to play in a giant sand box at the zoo with our multiples group. There were 4 sets of twins plus us, plus about 6 other kiddos, and it was ca ra zeeee. It was the trio's first time seeing sand and they all tried to sample it, but Lily thought she was at a buffet or something LOL She would fill her mouth up and drool out muddy water, it looked like she was drinking chocolate milk...bleh. As I am trying to keep her from eating the whole box worth, Hayden is trying to bite me for brushing sand out of her hands, Xander is hitting me with beach toys, and some other kids are throwing sand on my back....I am tired and as covered in sand as the babies were. We then walked around the zoo for about 45min and went home to nap....Jason is snooring next to me as I type. We didn't get many pics...too busy trying to keep the kids out of trouble, but here are a few.
After breakfast this morning hubby got the girls ready first, when it was Xan's turn this is how Jason found him :)
Hayden is the only one that will leave her hat alone, Lily was tired or else she would have removed Hayden's too.
A small vent....PLEASE throw your kids nasty bandaids in the trash! I can not tell you how many used bandaids were in the sand and in the grass today...gross.