Friday, October 31, 2014

It's The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I knew today was going to be a busy all day kind of day...and I was not wrong. Jason had to work until 3, so I got the kiddos up and got everyone breakfast, dressed and off to school. How I miss all the mornings I used to get to sleep in before school started, now I only get to sleep in like 2 weeks a month...I'm so spoiled I know LOL.

Jericho's preschool class got to have a Halloween party today, everyone dressed up and they had tons of snacks and games. They started off by trick or treating through the high school. Jericho came back with a bucket full.

He was so excited to trick or treat tonight, this was great practice :)

Story time to try and settle all the littles down.

Then they started playing some different games. I could only stay an hour, so I missed most of the fun, because the triplets class was having a "spider party" today too.

I guess the trio's school is not down with Halloween, no costumes...lame, but at least they were allowed to have a "spider party". A class of 5th graders came in for the first 15 minutes and helped the Kindy kids make a spider hat.

I got to meet Lily's 2 BFF's, Belinda and Kalaya. Poor Bug doesn't know it yet but I have heard from the teacher both girls are moving away soon...she is going to be heartbroken. Xander's good friend Maggie's last day was today, her family is moving too. We moved around a lot when I was a kid, I don't remember being too upset about it...actually I think I kind of enjoyed it, but it was my norm. I hope we can keep the kids from moving around too much, I would love if they could make some lasting friendships.

My kids are so tall LOL.

Their Kindy class, minus one kid who was absent today.

The kiddos had 3 different fun activities. A spider toss, a spider playdough station, and a spider snack station. I got to spend an hour helping the kids make spiders out of was pretty fun. I think I need to volunteer more often.

The trio were so excited that I came to their party, they were really happy to introduce all their friends to their Mom. Glad I don't embarrass or bother them...yet LOL.

After school we ate lunch then I had to get to a Doctors appointment. Then everyone made it home to eat a small dinner and get ready for trick or treating.

Lily's hair got a spray coat of black. She was cracking me up...she was not excited about doing this. We had a quick break in the rain so we did this outside. The rain had been coming down most of the afternoon. It was supposed to clear up around 6pm...but it sure didn't look like it was going to. I was bummed, this will be the first rainy Halloween in like 4 years if the weather doesn't turn around.

Dress and face, Lily did a great job of holding still and not complaining...too much.

Here we are, The Nightmare Before Christmas crew. Lock, Jack, the Mayor, the Mummy, Shock and Sally.

Xan loved that his mask could spin...but it wasn't the easiest thing to wear or see out of. It was the talk of everywhere we went though LOL. When he picked the Mayor as his costume, and insisted on a spinning head feature, I never thought we would have made it work out quite so well.

Grandma joined us this year, she came as a vampire from the movie. Cousin Hailee and Tyler dressed up also...what a fabulous group!

The girls had a great time of course.

Xander picked to hang with Tyler this year...the two of them were together the whole almost 3 hours we trick or treated.

Our little devil, Lock, did such a great job keeping up this year...he stayed with the other kids, listened pretty well and didn't need a piggy back ride for the last half hour or so this year.

Sally and Jack...I could have done better on our make-up but it worked. Thankfully the rain quit around 6:45 and didn't come back until we were done...whew.

Lots of door bell ringing.


Lily looks great in green Hehehe.

Xander liked to say "I'm keeping my eyes on you" to everyone when he walked away LOL.

So happy!

Our little trick or treaters were super polite all night.

Grandma looked great!

One more family cute! Now to start thinking about what we want to be next year...hmm.

We hit up the scary house again, the kiddos freaked out again...but 2 managed to brave the scaries and get treats at the door...with Dad and Uncle Ricks helping hands.

The kiddos raked in 16.2 pounds of candy this year...I think this is our most yet. Now to pick out some of the faves and donate the rest.
Happy Halloween everyone!!!