Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Science is fun!

Simon is doing much better...still taking a bottle or two a day, just to help him catch back up. Today the dogs got to visit with him a little bit.

He is a good looking little goat, I think he will make a nice herdsire for someone.

The big Science day at the kids school today. Everyone had great projects.

Jericho's bouncy egg turned out perfect, until he wanted to see if it could really bounce. can't.
Dad cleaning up the not so bouncy egg.

It was a nail biting drive to school...but Lily's rainbow in a jar made it intact.

Xander's was a hit, because he let all the kids try out his experiment themselves. Xan said "I just want to see all the kids happy" he has such a big heart.

Hayden's flowers turned out so cool.

Grandma came to check out the projects.

Quite the turn out! Way to go kids!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Busy little bee.

It has been busy around here. We have a baby goat not feeling well...I think we can nurse him up with a little extra TLC. Thankfully he took to the bottle like a champ...even though he has been Momma raised for 3 weeks.
Kitsune wanted to help.

We are now 4 for 4 on the year! Way to go Lily!

Science fair is coming up. 2 nights of all things science project X 4 = 1 beat Momma.
Jericho wanted to do the bouncy egg.

Helping with his poster.
Lily picked rainbow in a jar.
Hayden decided on making crystal flowers.

Dad and Lily working on her rainbow layers.

Done, now to get it to school safely.

Posters all done.

Projects ready and waiting.