Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yummy corn on the cob!

The babies first time eating corn on the cob, they did pretty darn good too. Lily and Xander pretty much cleaned theirs, Hayden wasn't as impressed but she ate some. They are trying to get the whole feeding themselves finger food but most little things we give them end up mashed in their fist because they forget to release it once they put it to their mouths. These were big enough for them to hold while the gnawed away.

And a funny one... Lily says " I'm squishing your head, squishing your head"

1st trip to a children's hands on museum!

On Thursday 5/28 we got together with a bunch of my APA friends for a meet up in Olympia, WA. There were 7 momma's and their kiddos, everyone had such a great time. The trio loved getting to crawl around and play with new stuff and new kids.

Getting ready for Izzy's

We took the trio to Izzy's for the first time last week, it was their 2nd cousins Bday. They did really well sitting in their highchairs and eating some peas and other veggies from the salad bar.

Lily has become a huge Daddy's Girl...she is happy to be with me or other family members if dad is not around but man as soon as he comes in the room she whines non stop until he goes to play with her or picks her up. She is also the 1st one to clap her hands, still working on crawling but it is getting close now! Hayden is full on cruising now and Xander can stand for so long without falling that he can even pick up or play with toys a little before he falls.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I got caught on camera*

So I was playing and dancing with one of the babies and we thought it would be a sweet video to have. Of course you can't just record a dance with one baby...I was sweating and tired by the time I was done dancing with the 3rd baby. Oh and please remember the camera adds 10lbs, and I still have 20 that won't budge :)




Happy Memorial a girl with 2 brothers that are retired military and served in Desert Storm believe me when I say our service members have my respect and gratitude.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My little beeboppers, they love dancing*

The babies LOVE music, not sure if it's from me playing music for them everyday while they were cooking or what. Every theme song or even musical commercial gets their attention. Above all they totally love the song and music of Choo Choo Soul. We have some saved on our DVR and play them every now and then. When the first whistle blows without fail the babies drop what they are doing and tune in. They usually look back and forth at each other and at us with HUGE smiles...making sure we are all aware and paying attention to the greatness that is coming. Then they start bopping and dancing, sometimes there is screaming, head banging and arm waving LOL it is so fun to is a little video of them enjoying their favorite song.

An afternoon at the park

I am so glad summer is almost here, I love Oregon but 8 months of rain gets really about month 2! The kiddos are getting to spend some time outside, and they love it...I am sure they are just as bored as me being cooped up in the house day in and day out!

We took Sakari with us and had a fun hour or two watching the babies play with the grass, flowers, and attack each other for the sippy. The big fountain was going the trio loved watching the screaming kids running in the water...Jason and I can not wait until it's a bit warmer so we can run them in it!

Lily is small but scrappy...and the eventual victor!
Hayden loved her flowers
Sakari had a great time too

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Now you guys are in trouble...I have added video*

YAY!!! I have figured out how to get video clips uploaded! If this is simple for you....shut it! LOL

I have gone through all our video, there is quite a bit but it's so sweet looking back on it...even though it's not been that long. I have added clips to old entries so look back over the April archive to see some video from the NICU and as the babies have grown. I have put a (*) by the titles with video added, so you don't have to search through every post to see them. Sadly we lost a lot of footage but I did manage to save a bit

I have a lot of pics to add...I have been working on this video project for 3 days so there are lots of updates.

Hayden gets tickled...we love her laughs and screams of joy :)

This one is too funny...Hayden doing the sleepy Bob N Weave

We discuss the babies chores LOL Lily loves shaking her head no.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

They love their momma!

Jason usually takes crappy pics and never thinks to do it unless asked, is this a guy thing??, but he actually snapped these of me and the babies.
Xander and his momma...he loves screaming at the camera LOL

Pretty Miss Hayden...she is such a cheese factory, her big cheeks are so cute!
Lily Bug....I was lucky she didn't ralph on me LOL
I am trying to figure out how to get some video uploaded on to my is not going well, why does this stuff have to be so hard?! I just want to plug this thing into that thing and have it work.
I think being raised by a military and police family and moving so much has made me too closed off and protective for my own good. I have very few real close friends, and even fewer "besties"...I don't even know a single neighbor. I hope we don't move around as much as we did when I was a kid so my kiddos have a chance to make some really great long standing friendships. Though after watching shows about kids and teens these days a part of me wants to run off and raise them far away from the rat race a la Duggar style.
On another note...
Just a little tip, no one likes flakey annoying.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

10 months old*

The babies turned 10 months two days's time to get my butt in gear and start planning their birthday party, 1 year old is going to be here before we know it! The closer we get to 1 the more I find myself thinking back to the start of our journey. There have been some sad preemie stories lately, it's so heartbreaking when I learn of a family that did not get the happy ending we all hope for. I give thanks every night for my babies, and they amaze me daily.

We now have 3 babies holding their own bottles, it is beyond nice!!! Xander is standing without holding on for longer and longer...I think this new ability has made him so proud and happy he actually cheeses for the camera now instead of turning his head away :) Lily is actually thinking about crawling...not there yet but she has started sort of scooting and leaning over while in a seated position. Hayden got another bloody lip...this time it actually busted and swelled. Hayden also has added a second word to her vocab...MOMMA!
Here are a few words from Hayden and Lily

Lots of pics from the last couple of days...
Lily thinking about crawling
Poor Hayden's busted lip

Xan and Hayden are so good at pulling up and standing...I really think cruising is days away.
Hayden is our sweet and funny girl...this happy face brings smiles to our hearts every day!
Lily smiling for us too.
The never ending drool... Xan now has 6 teeth, Hayden has 6 also, and Lily has 8!
A little blankie fun

Holding their own's a beautiful thing!!!