Monday, September 28, 2009

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!!!

YAY! We joined the Choo Choo craze!!! Thanks to a fellow multiple momma and a consignment store we managed to get a 3 seater Choo Choo for about $130! That's a lot better than the A-holes on Ebay trying to get $200 for each seat! We got the third seat today, and took the trio out for a little spin. We went around the block a couple of times, and I have to say it attracts more attention than our triple stroller. They had such a great time though, you can see Xander happily screaming in many of the pics below. We do still need to get seat belts put into each seat, so yes, if someone had fallen out we would have been "those" parents LOL One of us walked next to them the whole time to make sure no one stood up or fell out.

Lets see...what cute new things are the babies doing...
Hayden has started spinning herself around in circles....she can't go very fast yet but she does enough to make herself dizzy :) Xander will give a reluctant kiss here and there. They are starting to pick up on body parts and Hayden can point out the dog in books!
I am down 9 lbs y'all...almost halfway to my first goal!!! And Jason thought it would be cool to shave his head, I told him it makes him look shorter LOL

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hayden, that is for the ducks!

We took the trio to their first duck pond today, it was a lot of fun! Though we had to keep Hayden from beating the ducks to the bread LOL I could only take having them that close to the water one at a time and for just a short while.

Then we headed over to the grass to chill, it ended up being about 72 in town today...rain should be starting up tomorrow. We wanted to take them to the beach today but just wasn't warm enough there, so looks like playing at the beach will have to wait for next summer.

Hayden has started giving kisses now...though neither of the girls close their mouths and pucker yet. She also does the cutest thing, when ever we say "Hayden be a nice girl" she looks for her brother or sister, most times Lily, she goes to them and pets their head like she is comforting them. It is adorable and I can't wait until I can catch it on video.

Diet update...I am now 8 lbs lighter!!! Can't wait until November so I can bring meat back into my diet once a week though.