Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween last year and this year...what a difference! 3 1/2 months vs. 15 1/2 months

This was the trio's 2nd Halloween, we didn't go trick or treating but we did over over to a friends house and had a fun evening. Some pics...
Hanging with their friend TJ

Some Halloween cupcake fun! This is the first time since their smash cakes at their Bday party that the trio have had sugar.

Yes, this is Hayden trying to shove the entire thing in her mouth.
TJ enjoying his cupcake too.
Some blast from the past pics...the trio 1 year ago :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More space=more risk for injury.

We didn't even make it through a whole day before someone got hurt. Now Hayden has what looks like road rash on her forehead from bumping it into the treadmill yesterday. She wasn't even climbing on it LOL our cat, O.J., laid down next to the treadmill and she bent down to grab him, but didn't have enough clearance. Poor baby, some pics of her owie from today, also some pics of Xan and the Bug too :)

Hayden's booboo

The Three Amigos

My little hunk :)

Pretty Miss Hayden...even with road rash on her forehead LOL

Our lovely Lily Bug

Playing with their baby stroller, and I managed to get a pic that makes them look like they share nice HA.

Oh and I am adding the music back. If the music bothers you, or you want to hear the videos, just scroll all the way to the bottom of the blog and hit pause on the music player.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The training wheels are off!*

We took down the baby jail today...I am both happy and scared LOL. We still have a part of it up around the TV and another part keeping the trio out of the kitchen. They now have free range of the whole living room and hallway. They almost couldn't believe their eyes, and "ran" all over the place screaming and laughing, it was so cute! Got lots of pics and some video of three very happy toddlers having a great time.
Our new living room set up...before the sharks hit it :)

First look at their new space

Took them about 3min to trash the place LOL

They did not have a ton of hands on time with their doggies while the jail was they all, dogs included, loved getting to be together.
Xan and the mutts have already tried breaking into the kitchen :)

Happy kiddos enjoying being free at last...and the girls showed off some more signs.

The other AWESOME news of the day...Jason won big on football today! He made 2 bets, one was a 6 team pick for $5 and the other was a 10 team pick for $5....both hit and we came away with $1,710!!! Whoohoo hubby, way to go!!!

Xan, Hayden and the Bug supporting Daddy on his deciding game :)

A few more signs from the girls.