Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our first year montage*

Here is a 6 1/2 min look back at the triplets 1st year of life...I hope you will take the time to watch :)
They have come so far....thanks for sharing in this journey right along with us!

Sadly One True Media closed up shop...so our montages are no longer available to view. Thankfully I was able to buy them all on DVD though.
Now I just have to find a new way to make them, I really loved One True Media so bummed they closed :(

YAY!!! We got the party pictures back!!!

OK so bear with me there are a LOT of pictures...and this is really narrowed down believe it or not LOL
A few pics of the decorations and set up

Pics of the food

Guest cakes and smash cakes

Some of our wonderful guests

Pics of Xander on his 1st Birthday

Pics of Hayden on her 1st Birthday...I got a little tiny pony in her hair but it only lasted the first 20 min or so LOL

Pics of Lily on her 1st Birthday, our little LilyBug had a great ladybug headband on but it too only lasted a short while.

Smash cake time!!! I am actually glad we had this little sugar break before opening gifts...without it they may not have made it LOL

After pics of the smash cakes...or what was left of them :)

Gift time!!!

Our little family :)