Friday, August 31, 2012

Go Lily, Go Lily!

Day 2 of no big kids in diapers...Lily is totally rocking the potty training! She is kinda following the plan of sitting on the pot around the clock LOL, Xander did that too his first week. She had only 1 accident today...GO LILY! This is so wonderful, just as awesome as I dreamed it would be Hahaha!

Jericho thinks he needs to join the club, the bigs have dubbed themselves members of 'The Potty Trained Kids Club', Lil Man will not leave his diaper on. I am not quite ready to take that on yet, so packing tape has become a necessity. I do think he will be ready pretty soon though, for sure will be done much earlier than the triplets were. How is it that he turned 20 months old today? Good gravy he will be 2 before we know it. Better get to thinking about his party, winter parties suck so much LOL.

We have been sticking pretty close to home while Lily gets the hang of this. Today the kids all played with the left over "fire wood" from our backyard campout. Jericho actually started building this bridge, the trio joined in and then they walked over it a 100 times. Then of course Xander and Jericho had to try to rally their bikes/trikes over it. Boys!

I was inside making lunch when Xander brought me flowers, and delivered them through the window LOL.
Thank you sweet boy.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

If it wasn't so awesome...

I may be feeling just a touch sad right now. My babies are growing up.
Today is the first day since the triplets were born that I did not have to change a single diaper!!! Well except for Jericho of course LOL. 3 down, 1 to go!

The almighty mini cupcake has done the trick once again! A year ago it worked for Hayden, man I can't believe Haddie has been potty trained for a whole year already. I wasn't too sure Lily was going to go so easy for us, we weren't 100% kidding when we said Jericho just may potty train before her. Bug has surprised us, she had just one accident all day today...and it was my fault, we were out back and I forgot to bring the potty with us.

Lily has done amazing...and the cupcakes, well they are disappearing fast!
She loves getting to put some sprinkles on them hersefl.
She is so proud! And of course Xan and Haddie are so proud too, since we let them partake of the special treats for the first couple of days. Makes it a bigger party when the other kids are just as excited for their siblings success :)

Way to go Lily Bug...keep it up! Next we will have to tackle night training, I don't think it will be too hard...most mornings Xan and Haddie wake up dry anyway. So looking forward to not having to buy anymore size 6 diapers. 4 years 1 month and 3 weeks in diapers...I seriously don't even want to do the math. Just glad it looks to be behind us now!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Just a big kid.

My kids are so lucky, they have such a fun Dad! Every evening after dinner the trio demand ask for their Dad to go out on the trampoline with them and do "tublin' tumblin'." They have created this game where they pig pile on Jason and then they all hold on while he rolls over...with them hugging to him. I am not quite sure how they don't get crushed, but they love it and ask over and over for another turn.
When Dad needs a break he gets them all running around in circles. It is so funny to watch little kids running on a trampoline...their little legs just move so funny LOL. Here is a little 20 second peek.

I am not sure who has more fun out there, the kids...or their Dad.
Just look at my little 20 month old jump hehehe

Poor Dad takes a beating out there.

It is no wonder he is usually limping or otherwise unsound when he comes in from playing with them.

Go Lil Buddy!

So funny. Lily was trying to catch Jericho, he was jumping away as fast as he could LOL.

Tumbling with just two of the munchkins.
Hayden's hair braid free for the night....she paid for it later when I had to brush all the tangles out :(

She was showing off the static.

Jason showing off too...his back flips. He had done a couple in a row, when our neighbor...and friend (Stone's Dad) hollered over the fence to do another one. Jason yelled back that he just wanted to see him hurt himself LOL. Which was inevitable, of course ;)
At least the kids all know to stay clear and just enjoy watching. Then they all want to try, so far none of them can do a either for that matter.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fun with Bella!

Since we have taken an extended break from The Little Gym, the trio do not get to see their friend Bella as much as they would like too. We decided to get the kids together for a picnic lunch at the park today. They had so much fun, they really wore each other...and their Dad's, out LOL.

Everyone enjoyed the park, it was one we had not been to before. Pretty cool!

Jericho...brave boy, has to do everything the big kids do.

When we got them to take a snack break Xander said "Germs make our hands sick, that's why we need to wash our hands." So funny...a little purell anyone, we wouldn't want sick hands :)

Right back at it.
Can you hear me now?
Yes, I'd like to order a large extra cheese and pineapple pizza...with no sauce, please.

A little lunch table made just for kids.

The girls :)
My friend takes better pics than I do :) Thanks Melanie!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

10 sets of triplets!

We had a full day planned today. We were out the door this morning at 10:30 and didn't get home until almost 9pm. Whew.

First up was our triplet groups get together! Our friend hosted at her house, the kids had a great time playing with her boys toys and all the other kids.
The potluck BBQ was yummy!
We brought the Banana Split pie I made before...huge hit :)
Everyone played so well together, 35+ kids and no fighting or arguing, wow!
There were 10 sets of triplets there, this is a pic of 9 of the 10. Age range was 6 months to 4 or 5. It took a few minutes to get so many kids to cooperate for a picture LOL.

Al Bundy Jr. This boy and his junk ugh. Hahaha!

Xan man had so much fun playing with other boys his age. I was glad to see he was just as rough and tough as they were and vice versa. No injuries or crying foul, someone got knocked down or bonked in the head a little hard they just laughed and got back up to play some more.

As much as I don't want to deal with a sandbox, my kids did really love playing in it all afternoon.

Jericho had a lot of fun playing with the other little ones there.
Such a fun BBQ...looking forward to getting together again!
After we left the triplet party, we headed over for another BBQ. This one was for all the people that made up the jury I was on. We all, well 10 of the 12 of us, really did get pretty close over the 8-9 weeks we were stuck together. It was so nice getting to hang out with most of them again.
The kids had a good time, and Jericho made a new friend too :)

Lily and Hayden came home with splinters though. Holding them still while Dad got the splinters out was no fun, poor babies :( I am just glad once they are out you get immediate relief. As soon as we got the splinters out the girls got a bandage and it was time for bed. Lily made us laugh, as we were tucking them in she says "Um Daddy, I can't suck my thumb with the bandage on." Jason asked if she wanted it off....our last hold out on the thumb sucking, still going strong. She then told him"No I think I'll be OK." I am sure she just switched to the other thumb LOL.