Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Selfies with Cora.

Out with the goats for a bit today...it is sunny but cold. Got some snuggles from my girl Cora. Hooves were trimmed up. Watched the new guy, Mars, put the moves on Yahtzee! Hopefully some blue eyed moon spotted babies are going to be arriving this summer!

He is super handsome!

Sunset tonight...amazing.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Keep on keeping on...some more.

Quincy healed up really well...almost can’t tell he sliced open his leg!
Might be time for a float. Scooter has dropped some weight, and he seems to drop a lot of food also.
Look at the difference between their dishes...or around their dishes I should say. Poor old guy.
Nice weather is coming boys!

Mr. Man ran around with me today. He couldn’t keep up and ended up passing out by the end LOL
We were having a fight about him staying in his seat. The paw was silent protest...possibly even a middle toe LOL.

Raising a sound pup is work, some breeds more than others. Defensive period/fear period. Some will tell you these “periods” don’t actually exist. I find they do, I find timing, age, length of said period can vary...as can what bugs any given dog. I think Captain is going through one a bit right now at 10 weeks. He alerts on odd things, a silly bag of dog food at the pet store, for instance...but not the giant forklift at Home Depot LOL. He also met a half dozen strange adults today, only barked at 1 of them. Exposure and socializing is important, even during these times, just don’t push too hard. Last week they may have loved everything, this week stuff may cause them worry or elicit a different response. You do not have a broken or defective dog, they are just going through a trying time, they need your leadership and guidance to navigate them through it. Don’t quit, but do back it up to where they are comfortable. If they can sit 10 feet away and watch quietly, but at 5 feet away they bark...back off. Work on engaging them with food or toys at their comfort zone, gradually decreasing distance. Just a little tip, on how I do things.

Off to his new home soon, clean bill of health from the vet.

Skeet is such a funny girl. Still loves her high vantage point...standing on the fence LOL. I ordered a DNA kit...can't wait to see if she is the LGD breeds I was told she was.

We did nails today. He was dramatic, but he didn’t get out of it and we got them all done...without any blood.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Fun at school.

Our school does a week of swimming during 2nd grade. Jericho has been having a blast!

Literacy family night at the kids school tonight. So much fun!
Started off with pizza!

There were a half dozen different rooms of activities. One of the faves was the game room. Blurt was a blast...and not just because I won LOL.

Making bookmarks.

Reading out loud.

My fave poem from childhood.

These word puzzles were really fun too.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Oh Captain, My Captain.

Pardon the length, and jumbled structure. I wanted to post about so called breed snobs or pure Dutch Shepherd snobs. Somehow Dutch Shepherds have become all the rage over the last few years. Making matters worse so many people call anything that’s brindle, lean and maybe has pointy ears a Dutch Shepherd. I have been known to post on groups sharing my thoughts about misidentified “Dutch Shepherds” and commenting that they don’t look like a Dutch Shepherd at all. Often I get called out about being mean, or that I think adopting a dog is not as good as buying from a breeder, or papers are all that matter to me. Those are not the reasons I do it. I do it because a German shepherd mixed with pitbull that will give a brindled Shepherd looking body is not anywhere close to a Dutch shepherd in drive, intensity, energy etc they’re not even close. So when you have people misrepresenting dogs as Dutch Shepherd‘s they’re giving an unrealistic picture of the breed. You get people that want a dog like this miss identified “Dutch Shepherd” and they go and get the real deal, and they get in over their heads. This is not a breed for everyone, if you are not prepared or didn’t really think about what you are really getting or you are basing your interest off someone’s “honorary Dutch”. Next thing you know dogs get rehomed, shipped back to their breeders or worse sent to shelters. Lots of breeds are brindle, lots of mixes have German Shepherd in them and pitbull in them, they are two of the most popular dog breeds they are very abundant and they’re mixed often...more times than not I think the brindle rescue is not a Dutch Shepherd. I have a puppy being returned to me (second time this has happened to me in 3 litters) and I think it simply is a great home that had all the best intentions but didn’t get what they were expecting. I tried to screen as best as possible but they just weren’t prepared for a Dutch Shepherd. They actually told me that they had a Dutch Shepherd mix, he recently passed away and they wanted another like him so I really expected that they knew what they were getting into and then I get a message that they can’t handle the puppy...he’s too much. I feel we raise our puppies extremely well, we start with really good stock, we are very hands-on we have children very hands-on lots of other animals. I do not feel I miss represent my dogs, I think that they’re very typical of Dutch shepherd’s...And I think we do the absolute best we can raising them for the first eight weeks. I think when we have a home problem it is mostly coming from the new owner not really knowing what they’re getting into. I try my very best to screen homes, I talk more people out of the breed than I can tell you, I try to make sure people know that these dogs are energetic, they have a lot of drive, they are extremely smart, they are mouthy, they need training, leadership and exercise every day. I encourage people to do more research to really read about the breed, but sometimes it just doesn’t quite stack up when you get one in your house. So for all of you on my waitlist or in my group thinking you want to own a Dutch Shepherd, please research research research even more than I already have told you all to do. If at all possible get some hands-on time with peoples Dutch Shepherds ...that are actual Dutch shepherd’s, you can not meet a German shepherd mix and think that that’s going to be what a true Dutch Shepherd is like. Sorry for the long rant of sorts, but I feel it is a very important discussion to have. Now that Captain is back...so far all I see is a totally typical Dutchie pup. Nothing more, nothing less. Unless totally pooped he cries for maybe 5-10 min when put in his crate, then chills. He only got up once last night...and I have a feeling it was Jericho or the cats playing that woke him. No accidents so far. Not sure he knows any commands yet...but we will get to work.

Still his Dads twin.

He is adorable!
Out and about...his first intro to Dutch Bros!

Also hit up Tractor Supply.

On the topic of "returned" pups. I have to brag on this guy. "Wick" the boy that was returned because he was so hard to own...just got his first Rally title! Training, exercise, leadership and a DEDICATED owner will make a Dutchie you want to live with. So proud of him and his family!

It is nice when someone has their dog tested instead of assuming the breed. Just goes to show, no matter how much a dog looks the part...doesn't make it so. There is zero Dutch or Mal in this dog...as beautiful, and brindled as she may be. Shared with owners permission. ***Let me add*** I do not dislike mixes. The problem comes when misidentifying a dog, you set up others with unrealistic expectations of the breed. Someone that owns a GSD X Pit has no idea how much dog an actual Dutchie is and can get themselves, or a friend they told about the breed, in over their head.