Friday, August 30, 2013

Swimming school graduate!

Today's was Lily's last swim class, the teacher had some fun things planned. Grandma and Great Aunt Julie came to watch.

The little swimmers got to put on life jackets and float in a huddle. Lily enjoyed it, she has been missing her life jacket.

Then they took a fun ride on a giant Hippo float.

And finally they got to go down a small water slide. Lily really liked it...she went twice!

Hayden thinks she is ready to start in 2 weeks. Some how I just know her tune is going to change on the first day of class. Hopefully she won't freak out too much.

Mr. Man...he likes to tell me I'm a nice Mom, or a good Mom, when I tell him he is a nice/good boy :)

Woohoo Lily Bug!

She got her diploma. She doesn't care that they want her to repeat the class LOL. I guess most kids take it 2-3 times before they are ready to move on to class 2.

Way to go Lily!
Other big news of the day. Haddie lost her first tooth! Just before lunch she came running to me with it telling me she had pulled it out the rest of the way herself.

Grandma and Julie hung out and had lots of fun things for the kiddos to do. A giant puzzle of Mr. Snuffleupagus.

Grandma brought over some really fun place the sticker story books.

Good times!

The tooth fairy will be dropping a little something off tonight...and she will be leaving the tooth. Hayden is so silly, she started bawling and freaking out about how she loved her tooth and was going to miss it. This girl LOL.
Funny, in tonight's news cast they actually did a story on inflation for the tooth fairy. Seems we don't pay the going rate. Apparently most of the country gives $4 per tooth...are these people NUTS?! Well our tooth fairy works for cheap, or we get a buy 1 get 3 free deal...however you want to look at it.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just a bit nutty.

Hayden is so excited, she finally has her first loose tooth...two of them actually. Ever since Lily lost 2 Hayden has been in an all fire hurry to catch up.

One is super loose actually, Jason tried to help get it out...but even though the adult tooth is already through just behind the baby tooth it will probably take another day or two.

Hazelnuts are falling like crazy all around us. Our neighbor has 4 trees in his back yard, there are another 3 or so on our walk to Lily's swim class. I guess long before houses were built here this whole area used to be a nut farm. The ratties love them, so we went on a collection mission tonight in our neighbors yard. You should have seen the kids go crazy finding all the nuts, they are going to totally rock the Easter Egg hunt next year LOL!
We all tried some too, Lily loves them...I think they tasted pretty um, "earthy" which was the term Jason used when he said they tasted like actual dirt was perfect. We have never tried Nutella in this house, but now I am curious...they must put a lot of chocolate in that stuff to make these nuts taste good, and that is a win for me :)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Doctor is in.

Lily has 2 more swimming classes left, she is doing so great. Grandma got to come and watch today...Lily was super excited to have a special person in the audience.

Making silly faces at us.

Xander, Jericho and Haddie had fun playing with their new friend Chris.

Thumbs up Bug!

Grandma's so proud of you Lily!

After swimming fun, the Doctor gave some very cooperative kids their check ups. She made her stethoscope with two little climber hook things, that she put over her ears, and a bead necklace...pretty genius :)

The girls and I were talking the other day about what they want to be when they grow up. Their plans have changed...again. Now Lily wants to be a "baby and little kid Doctor" an "animal Doctor" and when Hayden said she wanted to be a designer, Lily added that one to the list too. Hayden has enjoyed watching this season of Project Runway with I think that is where the whole design thing came from. The girls have started drawing outfits for people, and squidward LOL. Haddie also said she wants to be a farmer...she told me she wants to milk cows, complete with making the hand motions of milking a cow hehehe.

In other news...the old house was on the market for 4 days and got 7 offers, the first 2 came in on day 1! Getting 7 offers on your house is awesome...until you realize you have to sign or initial about 12 pages for each one, accepted or not LOL. We accepted one and put a second as backup. The two we picked came in over our asking price too! Hope this is all done soon.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Can't get away from deadly plants.

Lily is still loving swimming school, she also loves her new friend Sarah...I do believe the feeling is mutual hehehe.
So cute!

I thought my kids were big, Sarah is about to turn FOUR!
Watching Lily has gotten a lot more enjoyable for the other kids. They made a new friend, Chris, who brings a backpack full of toys. Today Chris arrived later than us, you should have heard Xander gasp and say "you're here!!!" when Chris showed up LOL. Xander had brought his own toys he really wanted to share with Chris.

It looks like a little daycare up here for a half hour, but it keeps everyone still and pretty quiet.

We had another little boy, Logan, join our play time...his brother is in Lily's class.

Lily is still not just canon balling right in at jump in time. Poor thing is like me, no matter how hard she tries water always goes up her nose.
And she HATES that the teacher won't let her plug LOL.

Go Bug!

We were chilling outside and Hayden wanted to take a picture of Gangster's smile ;)

Remember when we discovered we had Nightshade growing at our old house? Well looks like we have more here. We actually have a couple different kinds it seems, we have the same black berry ones that we had at the old house, but we also have this kind here. They almost look like mini mini cherry tomatoes, but they are called Chokecherry. These, so far, are just along the side of the house...and not in the back yard.

These pretty little flowers, which grow in our back yard, that my kids love because they look like snowflakes...these I have been told are Poison Hemlock. Great...ugh.