Saturday, September 29, 2018

Herding fun.

Day 2 of our first herding trial. Kitsune did great, she is a little over enthusiastic but this was only her 4th time ever seeing sheep...and we haven't even practiced in over a year.
Cray Cray managed to get her HT herding title!
Baya had fun watching...she had a blast and really enjoyed seeing the people and sheepies.
Lily came with today to try and get her mind off being sad about OJ.

Now if we can get that last Open Barn Hunt leg she will have added 2 new titles this year!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Goodbyes never get easier.

Baya is settling in great! So adorable!

My little baby hyena and her pumpkin LOL.
While Kitsune and I were herding today Mr. OJ, the sweetest most mellow cat in the world died. I knew it was coming, glad I got to prepare the kids. Lots of crying going on over here. He will be so very missed. Good journey old man, we love you.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

A busy day on the go!

Baya having some adventures today, Dutch Bros and Walmart.
Buying a battery and heading back to the car that died on me on the way home from the airport last night.

She enjoyed watching her first soccer game too. Soccer games are fun!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

She is here!!

Lily got the 1st Student Of The Month this year...way to go bug!

A 12 hour flight, a 3 hour delay, and another 2 plus hours waiting to clear customs, I finally got to meet my wee striped cutie. She was so happy to meet me, nothing but tail wagging and lots of licks. AND a totally clean crate, don't ask me how this little 11 week old managed that, but I was very very grateful LOL. Everyone meet Miss Baya!

2 hours from home, battery dies. Well we will just get to know each other better, while hubby comes to the rescue. So in love already!
She is just the cutest little peanut!!!
Waiting for our ride, she took a little nap.
My rescuers finally arrived. The kids should be in bed, but they couldn’t wait to meet Baya. Already the arguments over who gets to hold her LOL!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Pumpkin time.

Took the kittens out for another quick photo shoot. Kitsune had to be up my butt with a toy to throw of course.

Had to do the black kitten and pumpkin is almost Halloween after all.

Tiny doing spider cat LOL.

They were busy staring at Kitsune chasing her toy LOL. Dutchie for the assist!

In not so happy news...I think OJ is about to leave us. My old man...he will be so missed.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

The fave farmer.

All the critters love to see Jason coming...he almost always feeds them, so he gets "Fave Farmer" status. Today we hung out and got some piles of wood cleaned up a bit.
For the dogs this meant lots of fetch and photos.

Stand off.

My young keeper buck, Bruno...can't wait to see him shaved up next spring.

Red taking a little nap.

We let Scooter and Quincy into the goat area to help eat some stuff they haven't. They think this is a drive thru window for alfalfa LOL.

Hayden found this little guy at Jericho's soccer game.

Jericho...wild until he drops. S'mores is always not far behind.