Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hitting the pool!

95 today, goodness! We decided to spend the afternoon at Grandma's...the pool was newly opened and too cold for this wuss, but the kids had a great time. Until we all came home with sunburns that is, must be more careful and do a better job on the sunscreen applications in the future.
Grandma had to work today, so she didn't get to stay and play...but the kids were happy to get to see her for a little while at least. They miss getting to see her all the time now that we live a half hour away :(

Everyone was ready with their floatation devices.

Lily Bug took a little tour with her Dad. Last years only fish needed a little reminder of how much she loved to "swim" LOL.
Xander didn't get in beyond his knees today...but it was a start. I wonder if Jericho was plotting to push his brother in...good thing he decided against it, Xander would not have taken that well LOL.

My little kickers lined themselves up and started kicking the water like mad...too bad by the time I made it to the other side of the pool for a photo from the front 2 of the 4 had already moved.

There she goes...the water was crazy cold, even on a day this hot...they are all nuts.

Go Bug!

Look at almost to her chest on the first day, woohoo!

Cutie pie!

My little minion, so cute LMAO!
Now I know what he would look like in glasses, still gosh darn cute!


While we were there Jason and his brother Chris moved our pool table out of his moms house, getting it ready to move to our garage...just as soon as we have everything put away. It is one heavy mo fo.
I can't wait to get it set back up at home, it will be nice to start playing regularly again.

Some pretty flowers in bloom.

This was Haddie after she accidently went a little to far in the pool. She of course had her puddle jumper on, but she still was very unhappy. She now says she will not take lessons until she is 8, after I told her if she learned to swim she wouldn't have that problem LOL.

We have not got Lily a 2 piece suit yet. Potty breaks in a 1 piece suck. After the 3rd one she decided she would just leave her suit off LOL. Thank goodness for private pools.

Uncle Chris joined the other crazies and got in the cold ass water.

What a fun day...can't wait for their Bday party on the 13th!
On our way home we stopped and got a new friend. Meet Squidward :)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

7 years, and counting!

 This day 7 years ago I was about to marry who I thought was my Mr. Right. I had no idea just how right he was. Love, you are the most amazing husband and father...I don't know what I did to deserve you but I am so very happy that we found each other. Thank God for leather pants, and smart friends I love you, Happy Anniversary!

We got to go out with friends tonight, woohoo 4 1/2 hours of freedom and adult interaction. We also got the chance to try out one of the girls that lives next door to us as a new babysitter. She had it easy...the kids slept the whole time she was here, but she did a great job. Can't wait for next time! Hopefully I will get some pics from tonight that friends took and add them...good times!

I have to share a funny conversation I had with Xander during lunch yesterday.
Xander: is mine bigger than Jericho's (talking about the bananas they were eating.)
Me: Does it really matter who has the bigger banana? (Had to roll my eyes at what I just said)
Xander: Yes, and it is mine.
Ugh boys, comparing their banana size at 2 1/2 and almost 5...and I bet it will never end LOL.

Before Jason and I left for our night out, Jason decided to let the kids have some hose time. Garden hose + trampoline = SUPER FUN!

Xander, Hayden and Lily LOVED LOVED LOVED it...Jericho, not so much.

We have had days in the mid 90's lately, so it was a perfect time to start a new way to have fun on the trampoline. The kids are hooked, bet they ask us every day.

Jericho was not so sure, he liked jumping, and he liked being cool...but he didn't like other people hosing him, he would rather do it himself. Showing his dismay that the other 3 enjoy this sort of treatment :)

It was not all fun and happy times today. Our dear friend Test passed away. He did not like the move or something. Bye Bye Test...for a feeder Goldfish you had a pretty good life I think...certainly out lived your factory expiration date :(

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The kitchen cleaned up pretty nice.

We haven't really got around to doing the after pics of the remodel job. I wanted to wait until we were all moved in and settled. This may take a year, but I can now share the kitchens before vs. after pics...since you can't see inside the cabinets...which still need some liners and to be organized. Before...yikes.

Now, how it looks today! What a difference. The lighting kind of sucks, but you get the idea. It is a smaller kitchen than we had before...but funny enough has more cabinet space, and the pantry which we are so happy to have.

*Since I have had a lot of compliments on the new color I wanted to add the name of what we used, it is a B. Moore color called Aegean Teal. It looks a little more teal in person than it does here.

New granite counters, new flooring, new appliances, new sink, mounted microwave, new lights, paint, sanded and gel stained the cabinets. Whew does that sound like a lot...because it sure felt like it LOL.
Still need to do some sort of window covers in the kitchen, just not sure what to do yet. I am thinking about some fabric drapes on a rod that only covers the bottom half of the window. I like the light from the window, but it faces the font of the house so everyone going by or coming up to the house can see in, so I was thinking the bottom coverage would keep the light at the top but block people from seeing anything...unless they are like 7 feet tall ;)

Project start to finish