Monday, September 29, 2014

Sisters rock.

Hayden's removable expander was ready today, I tried to tell her this would be no big deal but she was a little worried and wanted Lily to come for support.
They killed a little time in the waiting room building with blocks.

Lily Bug for sure lightened the mood.

Silly girls.

There it is, looks like a should be much more comfortable than the last one. She will wear it at all times, save for when she eats and brushes. I hope she can be done with it before Christmas, but it is super easy and other than making her sound funny it doesn't bother her, so as long as it does its job I don't really care how long it takes.
Hayden has this habit of being a lot less brave when she has her Dad or her siblings with her...for me she can buck up, but if anyone else is with us all of a sudden she is a bit of a wuss. She reached out her hand to Lily and started getting tears in her eyes as soon as the chair leaned back. The retainer thing just pops in, there was no need for the dramatics.

But the girls do have a special and very sweet sister bond, that was heartwarming to witness.

After lunch we did a little shopping. The trio's first ever school picture day is in a couple days, so the kiddos needed new outfits to wear. I hope the photos turn out, we picked just a small package and they were $11.00 per kid.

After dinner it was homework time, the girls did a good job...Xan was being lazy and did a lot of whining this time.

Jericho had fun entertaining himself while the bigs did their homework LOL.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Home is where your heart is.

I survived the night, extra layers helped a lot...but it was still damn cold. I am more than a little glad that I will be tucked in my own bed tonight. We had to be cleared out by noon so we got to packing up this is a lot of work for just two nights.

The kiddos kept themselves busy, while the adults did all the work. They lined up and everyone took turns doing some trick or move with this rock. They actually did this for a good half hour LOL.

All the kids had great moves!

Miss Hayden, nice one. She happened to lose another tooth today...I think this was number 7. She is excited for the Tooth fairy to drop off a dollar.

Our group stopped at Calamity Jane's for lunch on our way home, we love this place. We got to the restaurant just in time, they had this big round table for the 9 kiddos, and the table right behind it for the rest of us. Not long after we got settled a dozen people showed up for lunch. We got a ton of looks, but the kids were actually pretty darn good.

We decorated another dollar for the far I think they have about 4 or 5 of our dollars put up somewhere. I have yet to find any of them during a visit though.

We had a great time, hopefully next year we can go just a bit earlier so it will be warmer.

The kiddos were actually ready to be home, when I asked Hayden if it was nice to be home and if she was excited to sleep in her own comfy bed...she said "Home is where your heart is" awww, it sure is darling.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hiking, fishing and frog wrangling.

OK fair warning...LOTS of pictures coming at you. How can I not go a little crazy in such a beautiful place, with such cute little subjects having so much fun. It is a given.

The start of our 2 mile hike.

It was a beautiful day, and spot. Even though I froze my butt off and got almost no sleep last night, today warmed up nicely...with a couple layers on.

My munchkins were troopers, Jericho got just a touch tired at the very end of the 2 miles. Way to go guys!

6 out of our group of 9 kids, the other 3 went fishing instead of hiking with us.

The girls...such good friends.

Lots of "tight rope" walking, this helped slow the pace, good thing...Bella the Frenchie might not have made it otherwise LOL.

So pretty!

The kids noticed a dead fish.

Moving on.

A helping hand.

Mt. Hood had a little cloud cover today, darn it.

We tried not to disturb the people fishing, though that is not 100% possible when you walk by with 6 kids who talk pretty loudly about everything they are seeing LOL.

They saw a crawdad in there.

This duck was following Haddie for peanuts.

It is hard to tell the height in some of the forest pics, but this log was a good 6 feet up in the air. Jason walked everyone into position for a group photo.

Cute bunch eh?!

Hayden and Lily asked me to take their "I'm on top of the world" picture LOL silly girls.

The boys wanted turns hanging from this log.

Marching on.

Cute little flower.

A gust of wind, or something, blew these three trees over.

Little Man burned off a lot of energy today!

This tree grew with a little curve to it...made an enticing seat.

The trio enjoyed walking Bella...this of course got them thinking about, and missing, Gangster. Wish you could have been here with us G.

We got back to camp just in time to roast some hot dogs for lunch.

After lunch we headed out to let the kids do some "fishing"...really just put poles in the water and practice, but it was good enough for the littles. This dude was drunk and totally passed out with his dog watching over him. We noticed him right away but when his head fell into the water and his dog sat on it we had to help get him out of there and find his "friends" to take him back to their camp. Poor guy is going to feel like crap tomorrow LOL.

Everyone had fun attempting to fish.

The real fun came when the kids started finding frogs! Yes, if you notice all the pics of me are black and helps us old ladies without make up look just a little less craptastic LOL. At least I think so, if you don't agree...keep it to yourself.

Hayden was all about the little things.

Lily was a little unsure at first.

After a few seconds she was cool with the little green dude.

Xan was a little freaked out by him, he preferred to chill and look out at the lake.

The kids put on a couple little skits while we waited for dinner.

Pretty funny stuff.

One more night of making s'mores.

I am sleeping in 3 pairs of pants, 3 shirts and a hoodie...I better not freeze tonight.

A little funny from last night. It was pitch black out, I was feeling Jericho (who slept between Jason and I) to see if he was warm enough. I must have woke him, he sat bolt upright smacked at my hands and said "Keep your hands to yourself", I told him it was Momma then I got a kiss and hug LOL.