Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth.

We can scratch this off of Jericho's list. They started coming in last week, and today are very much present and accounted for. My baby boy is 5 months old today, and has FOUR teeth. Jericho is such a happy boy, as much as I would love to get him into his own room, it sure is nice to wake up to his goofy smile in the morning.
Today was a vege out day. Hayden came up with a 103 temp last night, and all day today she was just a pain. I get that she is miserable, but do I have to be too hahaha. I am pretty sure triplets can have sympathy sickness...Lily has been just as horrid today, yet she has no fever. Xander felt like joining his sisters, and he too had me on the edge today LOL. Great day for Jason to work a double.

Some pics of my only happy kid today...Mr. Jericho. Almost got this sitting thing :)

Roll up the sleeves a couple times and he actually looks cozy in Xander's 3T sweatshirt.

Working on standing too.

His new chompers.

Such a big, and handsome, boy!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Road Trip!

The Multiples & More question of the week this week is:
Where are the hot spots in your town that people should visit?

We are actually in the middle of planning a big family vacation for this July. Looks like we will have 10-11 adults and 6 kids three and under....it's going to be crazy, but a lot of fun. This will be the triplets first time sleeping anywhere besides their home, I hope it goes well. I am feeling somewhere in between excitement and dread hahaha. We are headed about 4 hours out of Portland to Grants Pass. We are staying 4 days and 3 nights, and have a lot of stuff crammed into our time there. Here is a list of some of the things we plan to do...
The Oregon Vortex House
Wildlife Safari
West Coast Game Park Safari
The Oregon Caves
Great Cats World Park
Rogue River Hellgate Jetboat Excursions

Other fun stuff going down today.

Seems my oldest son has his Momma's interest in photography, I had to chase him down and repo my camera from his kung fu grip. When I downloaded today's pictures I found a few I didn't take :)

Hayden has been acting off the last day or two, not eating or being as active as usual. She woke up this morning not feeling quite right and was being a tad extra whiny so we skipped soccer. I really can't wait until they can tell us just what is wrong.
We decided to head out back and let them play while Jason and I got a little more work done.

Forgive the mud and dirt, damn dogs and Oregon's wet weather do not mix well. Hopefully we will be borrowing a pressure washer soon...I have never been so excited to clean in all my life LOL.

Jericho enjoyed the fresh air too...though he did get bored pretty quick.

The kids love playing in the dog house.

Helping Dad sweep the patio.

Hopefully we can get the fence up soon....but the posts are solid.

Xander watched Jason weilding the sledge hammer yesterday, so he drug the 25lb hammer all the way from the shed to the patio hoping to get to hammer something LOL. He is one strong little man!

A fellow triplet mom gave us these a couple years ago, we broke them out today and it seems we waited a tad too long. The trio love them, but have zero idea how to pedal. Hopefully they get it down soon. Hayden almost had it figured out, Xander not quite and Lily wasn't even trying.

We had a couple minor crashes...well tip overs, but the kids had a lot of fun.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time is flying!

Sorry, some of you may have heard this story before, but I felt like a little trip down memory lane :) This time 3 years ago I was checking into the hospital for a night of observation. I had been having a lot braxton hicks contractions, usually harmless but my Doctor wanted to check them out. I ended up in full blown premature labor that night, lucky thing I was already in the hospital when it happened. There I was, trying to get some sleep in a strange and not entirely comfortable place, when a bunch of nurses busted in my room and started jabbing me with needles. I don't know if it was the meds, or being not quite awake, but I had no clue what the heck was going on. Once I got someone to slow down and tell me I freaked. I held it together until Jason and I were alone for a moment, then I started crying. Jason hugged me and tried to calm me down, telling me it would make things worse for me to be all upset. He was right, I tried to calm down but being 25 weeks pregnant and in labor, that they hadn't been able to stop with 3 different meds, then getting a steroid shot because they were running out of options was a lot to cry over. Thank goodness the 4th med they tried, Magnesium Sulfate, did the trick. Man was that stuff awful, but thank goodness it bought me 6 more weeks. The first 3 or 4 days were touch and go, I ended up getting too much Mag. and couldn't see or use my legs, and man it made me so sick. I can say that was the first time since I was a child that I puked and peed in my bed...and it was at the same time. I can laugh now but it was no fun then. All that and here I am today sending out invites to my babies THIRD birthday party. Whoa, where did the last 3 years go?

The guys got a lot done in the back yard this morning. About 4 1/2 hours of work and the holes for all the fence posts are dug, the posts are in and concrete is drying as I type!

Xander watched from the back door the WHOLE time. Most of the time he had his little hammer hammering away on the glass wishing he was out there with the big boys.

Stopping point for the day. Thanks Grandpa and Pop Pop Randy for all the help!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Backyard to playground step 1.

Xander is getting his end of year reevaluation with EI, he is making really good progress but it's leaving us in a tough spot. We would love to get the kids in their "Head Start" preschool program but it's not looking like it is going to happen. The girls would be able to get in as "peers" because they don't have any delays. Funny enough it would be Xander that probably won't be accepted. Seems he is not delayed enough to get in because he needs to go there nor is he on track enough to get in as a "peer." Kinda sucky...hopefully we can find somewhere we can afford that is good to send them.

One of his longest sentences to date...he came running to get my attention, he said "Momma look a bird" then he pointed out to show me. I stood there with him for a min watching the bird, then he said "Momma camera picture." Here are a couple pics I took at his request.

We got started in our back yard, Jason got the grass cut, his dad brought over fencing, poles, concrete. We are going to split the yard, half for the dogs and half for the kids. I hope we get most of it done this weekend...I can't wait to let the kids out there to play as much as they want!

Before pic.

Everyone spent a half hour out back, between showers...can't wait for summer to get here, and stick around.

Yes, I let them have cereal for dinner tonight. Look at Jericho, he has 4 teeth and wants to get at some food. About one more month little buddy

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We fixed his wagon!

The bath strike continues. This morning Hayden was so mad about taking a bath when Jason sat her on the potty just before getting in the tub she pee'd, she was also very ticked off about sitting on the potty too so she had two personal affronts to pee over LOL. She got a small sucker for going pee on the potty, that everyone called her "shacolate." They know if they go on the potty they get a piece of chocolate (usually an M&M or two) but hmmm we seem to be all out of chocolate in this house...wonder why. When she came out of the room after getting dressed she showed it to her brother and sister and yelled to them that she got chocolate. Lily got all excited and gasped "oh Hayden your beautiful chocolate" then she kept telling her to eat her chocolate. She was genuinely happy for Hayden, Xander on the other hand was po'd that he didn't get any chocolate.
That was only the beginning of a bad day for Xander...it didn't get any better. He was even hell
on wheels at gym class tonight too. But he may have been upset over the changes we made to our doors. Imagine his surprise when he went to open the doors, when he knows he shouldn't, and they wouldn't open. Hahaha fixed your wagon Houdini!
Almost forgot to add...teeth #3 and #4 are coming in. Jericho had both upper fronts break through today.
Happy now, Hayden shows off her treat.

The kids wore their monkey shirts that were in their goodie bags from their friend Bella's birthday...they love them!

Xander trying the door.

He goes at it with a hammer, but can't reach the new lock at the very top.

Some Little Gym fun.

In sad news....too many momma's out there have suffered the hardest loss. Death is never easy but when it is happening to babies and kids it is especially horrible and unfair. Hug your little ones close, tomorrow is not promised. I read that somewhere and it is so sadly true. To those families that are going through the worst times of their lives right now, and those that have been there, I send out many thoughts and prayers and hugs. I am so very sorry, it is just so wrong.