Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Jericho Miles!

OK I am really tired and recovery from this Csection already seems harder so I may be leaving some stuff out but here is a run down. I tried to get some sleep last night but still only managed about 4 hours, Jason worked last night so he had no sleep. The nurse came in to prep me around 6am, my Doctor wanted to get things started a little earlier than what we planned on. I had another fantastic team, my Doctor and his wife did the Csection. Funny story but they also did the triplets Csection and when I heard it was his wife I guess I asked if Doctors were allowed to have family members help out in a Csection....I had no idea she too is an OB and works with him often. Everyone was sorry I was worried and it had not been explained to me but later we all got a kick out of it. So this time she came in to meet me and we laughed about last time. I was more nervous this time and everything seemed to take much longer than the triplets Csection. I started to freak a couple times, but Jason, the nurses and the Anesthesiologist were awesome and helped me calm down. Once they got in and got him out it was calming to hear his HUGE cry, this kid has some lungs and a wide range of cries and screams at his disposal. He was born at 7:12am...which struck me as funny since the trio's birth day is July 12th. Jason's guess was the closest, Jericho was born weighing 8lbs (and a half of an oz but for ease we are just calling it 8lbs) and was 21 1/2 " long..though Jason doesn't think they had him totally stretched so he may be a tad longer. He did really well right away with Apgars of 8 and 9, it was really nice to have him brought to us right away while they were still closing me up, and he never left our side....still hasn't. Once he was out and things were calming down I started not feeling well, dry heaving a few times while you are totally numb and being stitched up is not fun, at least it stayed 'dry.' To try and keep my mind occupied the Anesthesiologist took a bunch of pics of Jason and I with Jericho...he did a great job I think they turned out awesome! Baby boy is doing a really great job nursing already, though I am no pro and need a lot of help getting him where he needs to be. I feel like I hurt more and it seems recovery is already much slower than last was a bit of a blessing in disguise with the trio to have the NICU caring for them around the clock, left me with just worrying about healing for the most part. Jason took my warning and went nuts with the camera...I weeded down from about 100 pics to share these 20 some...enjoy.
A little riskay...I did one last belly pic, getting out of the tub late last night.

Jason...ready to go, again!
Surgery underway.
Me between freak outs and bouts of not feeling well.
Welcome Jericho Miles!
Getting cleaned up and assessed.
The nurse brought him over to me for a first kiss.

The three of us...I love these!
About to get his first little bath. He has no problem letting us know when he is displeased.

So cute, we see Xander and Hayden in him so far.
My first time holding him...he was very alert.
His first couple of meals.
Sweet boy...showing off his muscles LOL.

I can't believe he is here...we love you baby boy!!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Induction fail.

After getting all of about 4 hours sleep last night we got to the hospital at 6:30 this morning. Jason didn't get any sleep, he is on graveyard this week so the poor guy caught a couple hours on the day bed in my room once I was settled in. There was a brief mix up as to why I was even trying an induction at all (Doctors should really talk to each other LOL,) we also found out my back up plan of a Csection tomorrow, the 31st, was not even on the books. Got all that worked out and they got my IV's, monitoring and Pitocin started around 7:45am. They checked me and sure enough 4 weeks without change...still 2cm and -3 station, ouch. It was really slow going, they had me on the lowest dose of Pit. for a couple hours, then they started bumping it up a little at a time. About 7 hours in they checked me again and nada, bummer. I was fricking starving, who thinks it is OK to only give a pregnant woman jello and chicken broth for 12 hours...when she didn't have breakfast either. I won't lie I was sneaking food, well 2 granola bars. I got up and walked a few laps around the 4th floor several times, even bounced and rolled on a big ball a few times. At 5:30pm they checked me again and still there was really no progress, we decided to call it and just go with the Csection tomorrow morning at 7:30am. I am a bit bummed but knew this could happen and, as I am telling myself now, a healthy baby and mom is all that matters...not how you get there! Jason is catching another little nap before work tonight, I hope to get to sleep soon too. With the Csection I will probably be here until Monday mid day, this place brings back some memories. As soon as we got settled Jason and I both said it feels like it was just yesterday that we were here with the trio. I have had about 4 nurses come in to say Hi, they were some of the many who took care of me the 6 weeks I lived here trying to cook the triplets longer. It was really nice to be remembered 2 1/2 years later. They have such wonderful staff here...I am glad we decided to come back here again.
Getting settled in my room.
As we were out walking the L&D floor I happened to look up and almost did a double take before I said 'Hey, those are my babies.' The photog we used when the trio were born asked if she could share some prints with my Doctors office, we were totally fine with her sharing the pics, but I didn't know she put a huge on up in the hospital too. Awwww :)
Jason napping.

Gotta say thanks to my Doula, she hung in all day with us and was more than happy to stay the night if I needed her. She will be here for the Csection and some breast feeding help, hopefully I will be able to do that this time.
Meanwhile, back home...the trio are having a great time with Grandma, and wouldn't you know are being perfect Angels for her today :)
Alright baby boy, tomorrow...just take your shoes and move out! :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Eviction notice issued little dude!

I check in tomorrow morning at 6:30, hello O'dark 30, for my induction!!! I have been 2cm (maybe more by now since it's been a week since they checked me) and 50% for 3+ weeks now so they think there is a good chance Pitocin will do it. If it does not work I will have a Csection on Friday. I am nervous but ready...I can't believe it's time already. I am a total slacker and packed my hospital bag tonight. Well small suitcase, I started with a big back pack but who am I kidding LOL. Grandma will be staying at our house with the trio, they are going to have such a fun few days!

In triplet news.... We have been in new toy hell all week. They have been fighting over everything and now they have even more toys to trash my house with LOL. They did have a nice time playing with each other for a little bit tonight though. An empty box=1 hour of peace, a first this week that was not due to cartoons. Kids are just like cats, buy them cool toys and they are just as happy to play with the box... who knew LOL :)
The box started whole, they were taking turns getting in it and being push around, then it broke...but the fun kept on going. Don't mind the dress code. Lily took off all her clothes which got Xander and Hayden going, then she put hers back such luck with the other two hehehe.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

They are getting better!

My kids are growing up :) We spent three hours at a friends house today, they have an infant so their baby proofing is not at the 2 1/2 year old level LOL. Surprisingly nothing got broken or even really messed up!!! We were really blown away, they just keep the surprises coming! I am so over chasing them around, I am too dang tired and too dang big, so Jason was on trio duty while I got to chat...he did a good job. The triplets did really well with the baby and the other 2 year old that was there. This was the first time they have really been around a baby so it was nice to see them interact with her. Of course she is cute as a button and such a good easy going baby I guess they didn't have a thing to complain about LOL.

39 weeks today!!! Almost done, I am counting down the days :) 3 weeks ago at my last ultrasound they said he was 6 1/2 lbs. If he is gaining a half pound a week like they say he should be he could be 8 1/2 lbs at birth. Jason and I took our guesses today, he says 7lbs 14oz and 22 1/2". Mine is 8lbs 8oz and 23"....I feel like he has long legs :) We shall see who is right or closest anyway LOL.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010!!!

We had a quiet, well not so quiet, day at home today. The trio we actually pretty rowdy and full of attitude today, fighting over everything and not wanting to comply with anything. I hope this just Christmas and new toy over excitement and it passes soon, because they were really trying today. They opened the last of their gifts and got to play with everything they got over the last two days. The only gift they got that they will not be opening yet is a swing set for our back yard...can't wait for summer, the kids are going to love it!!!

Some pics of our Christmas :)
Our breakfast tradition, started last year, of chocolate chip pancakes with whip cream smiley faces...yummy!
Enjoying their new toys!
The baby dolls were a HUGE hit with Lily and Xander. Lily especially was so into them, didn't put hers down voluntarily ALL DAY.

Their new easel's...they enjoyed coloring some pages from their new coloring books.

Very happy that is looks like we will NOT be having a Christmas baby, though I am ready and it wouldn't be the end of the world at all just not the day I would pick LOL.

We hope everyone had a Happy Holiday!!!