Sunday, July 31, 2011

Princesses, castles and rides...oh my!

Grandma treated us all to an afternoon at Enchanted Forest today, the kids had never been there...neither had I actually. It was a lot of fun, we spent a good 4 1/2 hours walking through the park, riding the rides, meeting some characters and having lunch. Xander, Hayden, Lily and even Jericho behaved themselves pretty darn well, there were just a couple mini meltdowns during our stay...not too bad for 3 three year olds and a baby!
The trio loved the castles, the "princesses" (any pretty character in a dress is a princess don't ya know :) ) and all the other characters we got to check out.

The kids outside one of the "castles." I really liked how in depth they went in creating and decorating each area. The castles had knights in armor and other period type stuff, the old cowboy town had a saloon, jail and a general store all set up with mannequin type people "doing" stuff. Every different area was really decked out.

Lots of nursery rhyme scenes as you walk through the park. Humpty Dumpty.
Little Miss Muffet.
The ginger bread house was a little creepy, the old witch was in there with Hansel and Gretel, the oven was on and one of the kids was in a cage LOL.
Into the Alice in Wonderland area.

The rabbit hole actually went a long ways and came out in a different area.

Coming out of a little maze.
Jack and Jill.
They are looking in at Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Snow white was cleaning with a broom...Xander couldn't be torn away, of course our little future custodian LOL.
In this window were each of the dwarfs little beds.
Jericho had a good time too, not a bad way to spend your 7th month Bday :)
This area was pitch black and Xander was too scared to go in on his own. He was actually a bit of a wuss with a few of the areas today, Goldie Locks and the 3 Bears scared him and so did a couple others. Silly boy hehehe.
This ugly witch is a slide out the other side.
Lily still won't do slides alone, so I went down with her.

A very crooked house...I actually almost fell when I first stepped in LOL.
Lil Red Riding Hood, you can see the big bad wolf in the window waiting to gobble her up. This really pointed out how dark and creepy so many of the old nursery rhymes and movies are...yikes.
The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe...another big slide that Grandma and Daddy went down with the trio.

Into the old west area.
They had a wobbly saloon like floor that the kids could run down.
Walking through some more dark caves. Xander got better the more times he went through.

Another slide!

The trio's first time in bumper boats. Hayden did really well she was trying to drive it and everything. Lily never touched the wheel but kicked back and enjoyed the ride. Xander was in his for about 2 min and wanted back out.
I said Hayden drove it, I never said she drove it well...she kept ending up in the corners LOL.
The only pic I got of Xander in his (orange boat on the left) before he got right back out.
Lily drove the boat like she does her power hands.
Their first solo ferris wheel type ride. Xander was crying at first, but a bunch of other people in line started cheering him on hooping and hollering at him and he ended up loving the ride. It was so awesome that they did that, just what he needed!
Grandma rode the little train with them.
Hi Bug :)
Xander and Hayden were steering like mad with huge smiles.

I went up on the Frog ride with them. It was pretty fun...gave me butterflies in my tummy even. Lily was a little unsure but they all ended up loving it and having a melt down when it was time to get off.

A quick stop for lunch.
Then we hit up a little 7 min water show. The kids LOVED it, they all sat and watched intently the whole time. Even Jericho was into it. It was cool, but Bellagio's has nothing to worry about ;)
They all started clapping at the end LOL.
Puppet town...lots of fun little gizmos and gadgets, and more nursery rhymes. This one was Hickory Dickory Dock.

We didn't ride any of the bigger rides but the kids got to see one zoom by.
They had some costumed people roaming about. My kids are all still freaked out by the animal get ups, but when Alice walked by they talked to her.
Just as we were getting ready to walk out Grandma took a pic of the 6 of us. Jericho was passed out but it turned out cute anyway :) The triplets had a blast, they can't wait to go back!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Still no swimmers.*

I was hoping this summer the triplets would be much more comfortable in their puddle jumpers and would just jump right in. I often wonder, and sometimes worry, that having an extremely cautious momma will make for little scaredy cat kids. Well they sure seem to be scaredy cats around water at least, but if there was any area that I am not broken up about the kids being overly cautious its the water. I wish I knew how to make them feel a little more at ease, especially since they have the puddle jumpers on.
We hit up Grandma's pool today for the first time this summer, and there seems to be no change from last year in the kids comfort in the water. They will play on the stairs into the pool but will not go anywhere they can't touch...even holding their hands is not good enough, they have to cling on to us with everything that they've got.
Hayden may have even taken a small step back, she was leaning over trying to grab a ball out of the pool and fell in. Jason and I were both right there, and she had her puddle jumper on, but she freaked and didn't want to get back in after that. I have to say, it was so scary to see her fall in, I mean I knew she would be fine...we were both watching her from maybe 6 feet away and Jason had her out a couple seconds after she fell in, but it was like a nightmare. Once she was fine all I could think about was every little one that fell in while reaching for a damn ball or toy and were not pulled right out. Breaks my heart. Pool safety reminder #999999999...pools are DEADLY, never forget that for a second.
We did have a lot of fun today though!

Dad had a little too much fun with the water cannon.

No makeup today, yikes, but little man looked too cute to pass up some pics!

He loved the water, especially splashing everyone.

He needs to grow into this floaty a little more, but he dug it too.

Ah Xander. By the end of our 7 hours at the pool I think all the neighbors learned his name. The kid can not listen or stay out of stuff, I felt like half my time was spent telling Xander no, then doing the 1,2,3,4,5 count down for compliance and finally chasing him down to enforce my request. I love him, but damn....

Cute lil Monkey :) I fear he is already following in his big brothers menacing footsteps, help me LOL!

Hayden ready for some luch.

So adorable when he is sleeping :)

Taking a wee break after lunch, though I am pretty sure the whole wait an hour after you eat has been proven to be an old wives tale hehehe.

They spent a little time running through the sprinkler too.

The kids were good and worn out, they all passed out in the car on the way home..and it is only a 5 min drive back to our house. That was record setting timing LOL.

Jericho was getting some more crawling practice in today. The boy does not sit still for a second these days.

A little wrestling on the floor.

Bug joined us...I caught her elbow to a tender spot and declared her winner. She is small but fiesty, she and Xander wrestle the most, seems he is already trying to toughen her up.
A couple short videos of Mr. Jericho crawling...look at him go!