Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I had wanted to get remarried for our 10 year anniversary but there is just too much going on, so maybe for our 15th LOL. This year we decided to get commemorative tattoo's.
We went to see our good friend Amanda, who has been our go to artist for the last 8 years.
She did the tattoo's we got for the tatts. She did my left upper arm and Jericho's footprints. Jason's dragon and my mother's tatt, my everything happens for a reason and the Viking rune Inguz.....and a couple others. She always does a great job...and this time was no different.

I went first. It took 2 hours to do mine, and I felt pretty much no pain until the last half hour.

We each got a wolf. Wolf tattoos have a variety of different meanings, loyalty, strength, pack/family....they also mate for life.

I'm so happy with how they turned out...but it has awakened the tattoo bug once again LOL.
I love you babe, couldn't have picked a better guy to run this pack with. Hopefully our next 10 are just as wonderful.
Hayden got her 3 days of basketball camp...she was a star. This girl could really have a bright future in bball.

Jericho got a little bored watching. Silly kid. How did he get so adorable?!

The pool is not set up yet, still need to get the pump going. The kiddos couldn't wait anymore. They have a blast in there with each other.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Just another day on the farm.

Poor Yahtzee, her two girls are almost as big as she is and still insist on nursing. I'm sure momma is about over it, Heidi and Lulu are 5 months old now...time to get off the milk bar LOL.
They are so pretty...and growing so nicely.

They have been leaving their big pen and doing some blackberry patrol. It is growing like crazy...can you see 4 goats in there?

Sweet girls.

Lulu is coming around...almost as friendly as Miss Heidi.

Heidi is hopefully headed for a show career, Hayden just adores this goat and has asked to show her.

I'm so glad she stayed here...she is a real gem.
The pigs are loving their new digs. Poor momma's look almost ready to pop.

I can't wait for these babies, I don't think she can either LOL.

Uni-piggie doesn't look far behind.

Loving this weather...I hope it lasts long enough to get me through another winter.

Spring is in the air. Ava is being super sassy, she is in season, and Scooter seems to forget he is a gelding not a stallion.

Naughty horses, I hope this passes quickly....and without any injuries.
Our littlest babies on the farm are two weeks old today, and doing great. All 6 are healthy and chubby.

The kids love baby bunny checks.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Happy as pigs in....

The piggies got moved to a fresh pen today, with lots of grass and brush to eat. Their old pen is a bit bigger, but it is bare bones right now and needs a rest to replenish itself. Jason worked hard to finish up the fencing of the new pen, then we had the task of getting the pigs to move. You would think we were leading them to slaughter, it took us fencing a tunnel of sorts and coaxing them with food...and it still took over an hour to get all three into the new area.
It was a beautiful day to work outside, the dogs enjoyed running around like a couple of crazies while we worked.

Lycan came in to get a closer look.

Our pregnant mommas are getting really big, I am thinking early to mid July and we should see some bacon seeds. Uni-piggie still loves her belly scratches.

WildStyle must be pretty uncomfortable, she has never been the belly rub type...but today she sure seemed to enjoy some belly rubs.

President Business couldn't be left out.

Lycan did great for his first meet and greet, he is really fitting in well.

New neighbors, the intros went great.

The horses were very curious...and neither side got scared.

Close inspections.

Break for some water fun.

Jason got a good sized gash on his head today...we really do put blood, sweat and tears into this place LOL.

These two never quit.

A hug for Lycan.

The kids played school today...Hayden was the teacher. They even used my phone to have school picture day LOL.

I got to work on the girls skirts for their bday party. Another Pinterest win. You need some elastic and a lot of strips of different fabric patterns.

So super easy and cute. The only part I had to sew was the elastic band, all the strips of fabric are just tied on.

Turned out really cute!

Starting on Lily's next.