Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy 1st Father's Day babe!

On his 1st Father's Day Jason scored....the babies got him cards, the above snazzy photo of themselves, and some awesome new golf shoes. We had a nice lunch over at Grandma's with Jason's fam. With all three babies pulling up and two cruising, and really trying to walk on their own, it's getting extra fun taking them places LOL Xander got to test out stairs for the first time, and actually made it up two of them before mom couldn't take the near heart attack any longer and snatched him down :) Then we get home and I kid you not Xander and I shot baskets. Well the basket was his toy fish bowl and the basketball was a toy fish, but that kid has great aim. We were sitting facing each other about a foot or foot and a half away, I had the fish bowl in my lap and he was throwing the fish trying to make it in the bowl. He missed a lot but actually made it 4 times and gave me a huge smile every time! After he made two I called Jason over and he got to see him make two more...proud dad held his hands up in the air and yelled like he was practicing for cheering at Xander's highschool basketball games. Now he wants to get him a little hoop and balls set :)


SassyMama said...

I have enjoyed flipping through your blog. I have GBB triplets one month younger than yours. Congrats to your dh on Father's Day.

Lani said...

Hey, the blog is looking great!!!