Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Be Brave.

Been procrastinating on the business math proctor final, which had me procrastinating on the next course. So I’m still putting off the math, but finally got started on the next course.

Right before Eleven got swatted for good measure. Willow wants to make sure dogs know their place, even if the swat is unwarranted at this time LOL.

Hayden’s Iowa Basketball camp is 2 weeks away. She is not getting too nervous yet, but I know she will. She is worried she hasn’t played enough lately to not be a little rusty. The camp kids have to label everything they bring (every single item)…so Jason made her up some neat washable labels and surprised her with Corgi butts LOL.
A good one for Hayden...and her mother.

Brandy may be brushed bald by the end of the week. Just worked halterless today. She stood perfectly for me to groom her, even started to follow me around in the round pen a little bit.

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