Sunday, July 4, 2021

Goodbye and hello.

Tucker found a new home today at the Enumclaw Auction. Good luck boy, hope you click with them. I don’t know who bought him, but I did leave my email and number if they want more info. I was honest about him, his pros and cons, in the write up they printed out on the rail. They didn’t include everything I wrote in his announcement blurb on their website but they did include it all on the written paper hanging on his stall the day of the auction. 

We also picked up a new horse to try out. Hoping she is the right fit for me. She is 17 years old QH x Mustang. Stocky build and 15h tall. They didn’t say much about her other than she has been on the trails. There were a couple very short videos of her being ridden with a tarp over her head and body. She seemed chill in the arena, trailered home well and no issues with the intro to Sky.

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