Monday, July 5, 2021

Got some work to do.

Well day 1 has been slow with the new girl. Couldn’t get near her out in the field. After a half hour trying to inch closer I gave up trying to halter her. Eventually got close enough to brush her, she refused carrots, then I walked away. Tough crowd. Looks like she has old long healed whip marks all over her butt. I’ll be looking up trust techniques. Tucker could be hard to catch but not like this. Hayden groomed and played with Sky…she is such a good girl. Hope new girl can get there. She came with the name Nugget, she doesn’t seem to know it and I don’t love it, so we are trying to think of a new name. We are taking it slow. Will try to brush her again tomorrow and maybe Wednesday I can get the halter and lead rope on her. When we had Sky over being groomed and fed treats she stayed a good 20 ft away looking at us. For sure stand-off ish. I felt it was a win just to brush her, she was not interested in any more interaction than that today. Seems to be a horse that needs to build trust. Next time I’m able to get a halter on her I will move her to the round pen so she doesn't have Sky and will need to bond to me. I almost put her in there yesterday, now I wish I would have. She actually handles great once I get a lead rope on her, but boy without it she is like see ya.  
Color played zero part in the horses I bid on, I bid on a couple before her at the auction that I didn't get. I was so excited when I won her...and that she was so pretty was just a cherry on top. Boy she is lovely to look at! I believe she is called a sooty buckskin, she also looks to have some dapples in there too.

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